Wrangler Patches and Country Humor


A while back I was commenting in a chat about a picture I have of some bronc riders behind the chutes and the nice “scenery”. A young man in the chat blew a gasket. “That’s disgusting to be talking about men’s butts!” I’m sure he felt very violated.

I laughed.

Seriously? You’re going to get offended at the idea that a woman might admire a nice Wrangler patch?

So, because I have no couth, I decided to write a blog about Wrangler patches and country humor. I confess, the appreciation for Wranglers might be a country thing because most of us really do have a pretty earthy sense of humor. So, if you are politically correct or easily offended, read no more.

Cody, my middle son, runs with a group of bullriders, including another young man named Kody. They were all at a restaurant after a rodeo and had ordered steaks. Kody wanted his steak medium well. It came out rare the first time, so he sent it back. It came out the second time a little more cooked, but still pretty rare. The third time it came back medium. Kody stabbed it with his fork, threw it on the floor and yelled, “Run you son-of-a-bitch while you still can!”

I would have laughed my head off, but I am an admitted heathen. The manager, however, had no sense of humor and demanded they all leave.

Now, on to the part you’ve all been waiting for, a treatise on Wrangler patches.

Most cowboys wear Wranglers, or did. A few other jeans are popular, but Wranglers have been a cowboy staple for decades. So, if you get caught admiring the scenery, you can always chalk it up to appreciating the Wrangler patch.

First, you need to recognize the stance with the brown leatherette Wrangler patch on the hip pocket. This is one you will typically see and be nice, this is my oldest son.

One of my favorites. This one should be poster worthy for people who really appreciate Wrangler patches.

I probably shouldn’t include this one since he’s hiding his patch, but I love the red shirt.

Mmmm. Nice horse.

This one is courtesy of my friend Kari Lynn Dell who is a very talented roper, writer and all around great gal. I asked her if I could borrow this shot she took at Pendelton Round Up. She, being the gracious sort, said, “Of course. Butts are for sharing.” If you get a chance, read her blog because it’s always so much fun, and follow her on facebook. The nice thing about this picture is they are all numbered so you can compare your favorite Wrangler patches with your friends more easily.

It’s the little things in life that make it fun, like Wrangler patches.

Below is a picture of Kari Lynn because she is such a sweetheart and she’s the reason I got to thinking about Wrangler patches.

Photo by Dreams Alive Imagery


  1. Rofl.

    I find I’m quite an admirer of Wrangler patches. I particularly admire the one in picture #2.

    Great shot of Kari. She’s so much fun. When can we all meet in Denver again?

  2. Some guy got upset because you were looking at butts – I mean, Wranglers?

    I have a pair of Wranglers and I wouldn’t be offended if a woman decided to take a peek.

    Of course, at my age, they tend to look better on the hanger than they do on me.

    Oh, well…

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