Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. Many of us have family members in the service. We are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of soldiers. Regardless of how we feel about this war, or any war, we cannot disregard the sacrifices they have made.

Today’s army is all volunteer. They make a choice to serve knowing there is a war and they will undoubtedly be called to serve. No one is drafted, no one has to run to Canada or England to avoid serving. All of these men and women made a choice that could dramatically affect, or end, their lives.

So today, if you get a chance, thank a service man or woman.

When you hold your babies tonight, think of those mothers and fathers out there who long to hold theirs.

Instead, they might hold someone else’s wounded babies.

When you complain because the air conditioning isn’t working properly in your office, think of them.

When you come home at night and kiss your spouse, think of them.

When you complain because your sheets are wrinkled or your mattress has a lump, think of them.

When the line at the grocery store irritates you because you have to wait so long, it could be worse.

When you are exasperated because you have to dust again and you just dusted three days ago, think of them.

When the commute home is grinding on your nerves, someone else’s commute is much worse,

When your activities are inconvenienced because of the rain, think of them.

My son and his unit are home safe. The replacement unit lost a soldier on their first convoy. Death in Iraq and Afghanistan is just a breath away and yet we still have people volunteering to serve. The Iraqi who goes out in the street to protest has that right today because someone paid a very dear price yesterday.

The world, and even some of our leaders, may denounce the American attitude, but there was a time when they were happy to accept the American blood shed on their behalf. They rejoiced to see the gutsy Americans rolling across their countryside.

Freedom is not free. The price paid is terrible and heartbreaking.

For those who were and are willing to stand up and serve, I give you my heartfelt thanks and my eternal admiration.

Thank you, sweetheart. Mother loves you.


  1. Thanks for reminding us what our soldiers go through for us. It’s so important to honor them and appreciate their sacrifices. I posted about veterans today too.

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