I am behind on posts. I’m sure no one noticed.

Let’s get something out of the way because, frankly, I am so pissed I want to go back to Odessa and beat someone or contact an old real estate client and ask him how much it will cost to have someone professionally beaten.

I paid well over $1,000 to hire people to help me pack and load the rental truck. That’s twice what I had budgeted and hoped I was over budgeting.

One man kept trying to stash things in the bushes, like my tools and my new tire for my car etc. Another man I had hired told me what was going on and this man’s son also said the first one was going through boxes in the truck. I’m sure that’s where my missing camera is. Will’s camera, rather, since he loaned it to me. Yes, it was a nice one.

I did make it to Oklahoma with most of my tools, but one box with my screwdrivers is gone. I had a very large, expensive collection of screwdrivers. My new tire also disappeared. I saw it sitting in the bushes and was going to pull it out so it wouldn’t get forgotten and someone hollered at me to come look at something and I forgot.

I really don’t like thieves. I paid most of the people except the old gentleman far more than I should have, but I was desperate and Cody and Aly were on their way. Looking back, I should have called them and told them to forget it. Unpacked the truck and stayed. When something starts out as bad as that did, it never turns out well.

When we were getting ready to pull out, there were still two sacks of trash that needed to be taken out and a few things to be picked up, but the rest of the apartment was clean. Aly had cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, including washing down walls.

The neighbor next door, the one whose roommate was a drag queen and won the Miss Gay West Texas title the first night of the packing adventure, kept telling me how much he appreciated the extra money and how he wished I wasn’t moving.

He said not to worry about the final cleanup and filling the nail holes etc. He’d do it since I had been so good to them and given them a $200 barbecue and some furniture etc.

I left another $40 anyway and Cody, unknown to me, also gave him $50.

I left the keys with him and asked him to drop them in the night drop when he finished cleaning.

Did you know that apartments charge $50 a bag to take out trash or that missing keys are worth $90? The party they apparently held after I left and trashed the apartment cost $700 to me and Will. Of course, that includes the $100 mirror someone stole off the bathroom wall.

So, not only does Will not get the $550 deposit he needs desperately, but I have another $150 to pay that I really can’t afford now.

Trusting the IT guy at work who was also my friend and always asked if I had baked cookies lately with Will’s computer he bought with his basic training check was a mistake. Joseph said it would be no problem to upgrade it for me. He knew how protective I was of the computer because it was special to Will. He ignored emails, letters, calls and even certified letters asking if I could pay him for basically storing the computer since he did nothing to it if I could just have it back.

I can chalk up things people do to me as experience. Live and learn. Don’t trust people. Be an ass and assume they are thieves going in. Yes, it’s taken a while, but I’m learning.

What makes me furious, however, is when they do it to my children. This is what makes me want to pawn whatever I have of value and hire someone to go visit people.

I’ve been working on this. I have to let it go, but it’s hard when you’re a parent.

I was praying about this a few days ago and got my message. “Forgive as you have been forgiven.”

It’s so easy to recognize the right thing to do. It’s just not easy doing the right thing.


  1. I’ve had similar happen. I just trust in “what goes around, comes around” as it really and truly does. Nothing you could do would be as good as what karma will do to them.

    I’m sorry you had crappy experiences, but I’m glad you are safe.

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