To Blog or not to Blog

I’m waiting on yeast to “proof” for the bread so messing a bit before I get it going.

I’ve been doing some thinking today. Well, that last few days, really.

I’ve thought about deleting the blog. Someone mentioned, don’t remember who, agents and editors may be lurking in the blogs and if you aren’t prepared to have your finest work up, you shouldn’t blog.

I don’t engage in navel gazing very often, but I do enough it would probably make an agent run away screaming.

I also don’t spit polish everything I post. I blog mainly to share some writing, share a laugh and prime the pump as it were. Once I get a few words out in a blog, my mind is in writing mode. I wish I could be witty like Pam (A Novel Woman) or classy and professional like Beth Shope, but I am like a Christmas puppy, who is just happy to be here and out of the box.

Anyway, bread is rising now, so I need to be writing.

The following might make it in the synopsis.

The Horse Guards have defended the people of Eponia for hundreds of years and never has their skill and honor been more needed.

Years of border wars and skirmishes ended when the Eponians and Talmarands joined forces to defeat a demon army. The fragile alliance strengthened with thirty years of inter-marriages and prosperity, but that’s all about to change.

Erokath, the demon lord, is back and this time he and his caller ensure the alliance will be completely destroyed by kidnapping the king and laying the blame on his sole surviving personal guard. The Eponian guard is murdered before he can clear his name. Now the Talmarands are ready to exact revenge on the Eponians in their midst, neighbor or not.

One hero in the family is enough and, unlike her famous aunt, Gentyl isn’t the heroic type. She’s too small, too young and entirely too accident-prone. Nonetheless, she has always dreamed of joining the elite Horse Guards her aunt commands.

Community service time.

Nathan Bransford is holding a dialogue contest so hurry up and enter! Yes, I am still link challenged.


  1. I’ve been doing the rounds of catching up on blogs and yours was up today. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the lovely compliment. What a nice thing to stumble across.

    As to agents googling you and finding your blog, that’s down the road a bit–you can decide at that time if you want to create a new blog, or delete posts off this one that are too personal, or whatever. Also, unless you give them this blog address and/or have your full name associated with it in search engines, you probably have nothing to worry about.

    And if posting here is helping you write, then you should keep it. IMO, anyway.

    Now I’ve got to get to that meme–I think I’ve been tagged at least twice on it. (g)

    Oh and when you want to post links, highlight the link, click on the little ball & chain icon in the compose box, and paste in the URL. Should work.

  2. keep your blog, even if you only add to it infrequently…

    and i’d not worry about ‘only posting my best’, one cannot live for others’ approval only, just please yourself

    your ‘synopsis’ looks very promising, i really got into it πŸ™‚

  3. Hey girl,

    Do you ever read your email? I’m just sayin’. You’ll see my opinion on keeping a blog if you read my letter.

    Apparently, I’m for it.

  4. Julie,

    Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about agents seeing your blog and running away… A lot of agents say that they’ll google authors after they’ve read some of their novel and are really interested. I’d say, if they’re already interested, your blog’s not going to turn them off unless it’s in some way offensive and I don’t think typo’s or navel gazing will do that – if they think the blog postings might not be the best pr for you, they’d likely just point it out at some point.

  5. I vote in favour of keeping the blog. The worst an agent will think is that this is your personal blog rather than your professional blog. I can’t see them being offended by that.

    In fact, they might even be glad of it. I’m sure one of the main reasons agents google a prospective client is to find out whether the writer sound like a reasonable person to work with. Since you don’t come across as loonie or psychopathic here, they would probably be satisfied with what they read here. πŸ™‚

  6. Beth, as you know, I believe strongly in your writing. If there is a next Martin I don’t think we need to look far.

    I love going to Lynne’s for the beauty and the story, Pam makes me laugh and you just suck me into your glorious worls.

    My name is my blog, which was probably not a good idea, but I am well known for those.

    I’ve tried using he icon and it doesn’t work for me for some reason.

    Evil Baby posted a tip on doing it, now I just have to look for the post.

    Glad you stopped by.

    I decided to split my internet and phone accounts apart and now I have been without internet for days and all my bookmarks are gone and apparently part of my mail.

  7. Fred, thank you. This is my hanging out place, so I hope an agent wouldn’t be offended by the lack of professionalism.

    I love your wolves. I am going to talk to my brother abolut a beautiful gray wolf hide of my father’s. Not sure I really want a wolf on my wall, but he got the elk hide I coveted.

  8. Jessica, thank you. The query was horrible and the synopsis worse if that is possible.

    However, EE and his minions, Books and Writers and Miss Snark helped a lot.

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