Time To Shake It Out

Next week will be moving week, or at least getting ready to move. Will leaves for Georgia the 28th. Time is going much too quickly.

I’m probably going to print everything out this weekend and start figuring out for sure where I am. For some reason, it just doesn’t sink in as well on the screen.

And now, after all this time, I wonder if I really have a book. I suppose that’s natural, but it seems to be a disjointed mess right now.

For some reason, I picture myself doing this if I actually do get a request for a partial. Must not choke.


  1. Yikes. Don’t you just hate how easily Real Life can impinge on the writing mind? Sometimes I almost think it does it out of spite. πŸ™‚

    As for the alleged disjointed mess, yeah. Completely natural. It sounds like you may be at about the Revision, Month 2 or 3 stage of development. (Link courtesy of Moonrat.)

  2. My writing, my ideas, take place on yellow pads of paper, napkins, index cards, and my blog. After it’s totally unorganized, I try to find my way, and if I don’t … I travel the internet.

  3. google ate another of my posts grrrr

    funny trailer, that πŸ˜‰

    i write first drafts in long hand, on paper… do revisions/rewrites

    eventually transfer to computer, to be revised/rewritten… til i’m sick of looking at it….

  4. Tony, I used to write everything out longhand. When I went to work for the magazine, the editor said I simply had to learn to compose on the computer. Now, it’s very difficult for me to write longhand.

  5. Pema,

    First, welcome.

    Second, I agree readers are very important. Luckily, I’m in the middle of Barbara Rogan’s workshop now so I have some good readers there. Plus I have two writer’s forums I am running it through.

    I think I’ll feel better about it once I get it all laid out and actually finished. I hope so, anyway.

  6. Hang in there! When my WIP seems to be morphing into a disjointed mess I get out the index cards. Each chapter gets a card. Then I lay them all out on the table like a time line.
    I think I need the visualizaton.
    God Bless Will.

  7. Aimless, I am doing that now. I was just lying down, thinking about the book. I have two stories running at the same time and I think I’m going to have to jump back and forth for a while until the characters converge.

    That’s when I decided there was no way around it. I had to do the index cards so I can shuffle them around easily.

    How is the book with the creepy stalker coming?

  8. I came over from the contest. Just had to know who your avatar might be as she reminds me of Illyria from Angel. (i loved her) lol

  9. Hi, Beth. In looking for an avatar to represent Gen, I found this one. The problem with most fantasy female warriors is they all seem to be clad in chain mail or plate bikinis. This was one of the few with red hair who was completely dressed.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  10. I’m so happy to know the story of your avatar. Seriously. I kept thinking, My God, she looks just like Gina Gershon! And it was awfully distracting. Thank heavens I don’t have to be distracted anymore! πŸ™‚

  11. John, I don’t know who Gina is.

    I do have to confess one thing I also liked about it was it reminded me of a young me, which is depressing when I look at the old me.

  12. Pix at GG’s site. I think you’ll see the resemblance.

    Awful truth about young-me pictures, isn’t it? But [he said, whispering] if it’s any consolation, guys are not immune to the problem. I suddenly realized a couple weeks ago that I no longer feel comfortable seeing myself without glasses — which presumably means I’ve passed the point of no return. πŸ™‚

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