The Flirty Dozen

Poor Jenny Meyers returned from her vacation to find 372 emails waiting for her. She asked for someone to give her the shorthand version so she didn’t have to sift through all of the six different threads for pertinent information.

Julie, “No, you have to read them all.”

Why should she be special? I read them all. Oh, yeah, She brings beautiful, handmade bookmarks to conferences. Never mind.

Beth took pity on her.

Here is the conference.

Here are the registration forms.

The hotel. They suggest making reservations early.
Why is it you can check into an economy motel and get free high speed internet, but you have to pay $10 a day in upper end hotels?

This is the house we are renting for the retreat. First house was already taken. Second house too small. Third house more expensive. Final house is perfect.

Julie, “Doooggies, look at that cement pond inside the house! Can I let the duck inside, too?”

“No, Julie. Leave the ducks outside.”


Everyone remember to bring swimming suits so we can enjoy the pool.

Stephanie’s husband sounds like an elf. I didn’t ask. I like elves. She lives in Evergreen and will be cooking dinner Sunday night at her house and has offered guided walking tours and horse facilities. She doesn’t care if anyone brings a swimming suit.

“Donna and Lisa: Donna, I adore you. You always look like a million bucks to me. I don’t care if you want to swim buck naked. I’ll still love you. Lisa, I look forward to getting to know you as well, and if you want to swim buck naked, that’s fine also. You know what? By Gosh, every last one of you can swim naked and my opinion of you will not change! So go for it!”

Stephanie has obviously been living with the elves too long.

Most of us are coming in the Thursday before so we can relax before everything starts. We check out Sunday and go to the house. Some are leaving Tuesday and the others are going out Wednesday and Thursday.

Don Maass is at another conference on Wednesday and we might be able to get tickets to his class if conference attendees don’t fill it up. There is no guarantee we can get a spot. We’ll buy his latest book and dissect it at the retreat.

Let’s start researching classes, agents, editors and pitch appointments.

Julie, “Who is everyone booking for the critique workshops? I may need to change the ones I chose.”

Donna, “Julie I think you book with the ones you like best and not the ones we like.”

Julie, “I was thinking we may want to spread out and hit as many as possible and then reconnoiter later and compare notes”

“Good idea. Divide and reconnoiter later.”

Beth, “I tracked down two of the agents and compared some of their blog postings. Agent A had this to say about BEA. Agent B mentioned this.”

“Good work, Miss Beth. That may make a difference on who wants to snag which agent.”

The Flirty Dozen. Coming soon to a conference near you.

Making Plans


  1. Janet, terrified? Pffft. We’re mostly harmless. We just like to be prepared.

    Is it true your first kitten’s name was Socks?

    Yes, I will be bringing cookies, Texas Trash and pralined pecans.

  2. Lynne, yes, Denver works out better for most of us this year and they have a nice line up of presenters. It’s still three months away, but time flies so we are getting our ducks in a row now.

    How are you doing?

  3. Why is it you can check into an economy motel and get free high speed internet, but you have to pay $10 a day in upper end hotels?

    Because the people who stay at high end hotels have money. The ones who stay at low end establisments don’t. Guess who will pay for internet?

    P.S. I kind of desperately want to know what’s in Texas Trash cookies, and I kind of deperately don’t.

  4. Beth, she’ll remember the cookies, but I bet she forgets her pjs.

    Julie, laughed real hard as usual. Glad you caught the part about paying for internet. DRAT. Something ELSE to save money for. Wonder if it is one code per computer. I bet it is.

  5. Lisa, no, not forgetting pjs this time. They get packed first.

    Of course, if I don’t lose this weight, pjs may be all that fits. Went to the doctor today to have my knee looked at so I can start exercising again. I got scheduled for five tests, but she didn’t look at knee. Just told me to put off having surgery done. Well, duh.

  6. Kari, remember the scene from Bonnie and Clyde where they rob a bank and are zooming away with Blanche rolling around in the backseat screaming?

    Can we do something like that? Not rob a bank, but the getaway thing.

  7. Julie,

    I love your takes on our conversations!

    Hopefully you won’t forget the cookies, since I won’t be splitting a 20-pack of beer with you this time. (g)

  8. You mean I have to drink the 20 pack all by myself? Oh, dear.

    Actually, I was thinking of tapping Lisa for cookies. Or maybe we could have a cookie exchange and everyone bring their favorite cookies. You are welcome to bring Oreos. grins

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