The Book Roast

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You will notice in the Friends and Colleagues section I have added The Book Roast. This is a fun place promoting books and authors, but also just a good place to hang out.

Be sure and check it out.

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  1. ChrisEldin

    Thanks Julie!!

    I hope you come by and partake in the festivities next week!!!!

  2. Kiersten

    Robin challenged people to post their voices–please, please do!

  3. Kiersten

    Well, apparently I did a terrible job, so I don’t know.

  4. Kiersten

    Hot Stuff didn’t even believe it was me talking. I guess the sound quality on my camera isn’t great.

    No big deal though. I’m not sure of any other ways to do it without a microphone. I just wanted to hear what you sound like ; )

  5. Julie Weathers

    I have a microphone I use for team speak, but no camera with audio.

    I sound like a grouchy Robin. Where Robin has a very smooth, elegant southern voice, I sound like Loretta Lynn on tranquilizers.

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