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This will probably be, as you may have guessed, my last post before I leave for Surrey.

Friday I went to get my hair cut and I was talking to Miss Terra, my hairdresser, about books. She admitted she doesn’t read much so she was kind of dismayed when a friend gave her a Stephenie Meyer book. She decided she ought to read it just to avoid being rude.

She couldn’t put it down. She’s read all of them. I confess I haven’t

What struck me was not only that she read them, but how they impacted her. She admitted she got mad, happy, upset, worried right along with the characters and when one of them did something bad to a character she liked it put her in a p*ssy mood.

I’ve heard a lot of debate about Ms. Meyer’s writing abilities, but here is what strikes me. She is enough of a story teller that someone who isn’t a reader got completely caught up in the lives of the characters. Isn’t that what we all strive for as writers?

Lately I have been obsessing about queries, synopses, partials, excerpts, passive verbs and just about everything else you can think of. While these other things are important, nothing trumps a good story with riveting characters.

I’ve been told before my characters are my strength. I hope so.

And, just to lighten things up and prove not every fun story has to be an epic…

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Yes, this was a spoof.


  1. yup, story and character have to hook me… i like to ‘live’ the tales i’m reading, if not, the book gets tossed

    weird thing that church feud… as if the dogs cared, so long as their beloved owners were with them at the finale….

  2. Hilarious photo series. Thank GOD it was a spoof. I kept thinking, like, “Sheesh — the Presbyterians take themselves a lot more serious in THIS town than any of the others I know of.”

    If it hadn’t been a joke I’d prefer to believe it the work of a prankster with a vanful of church-sign letters. 🙂

  3. Tony, you’re exactly right. If the characters don’t reach out and drag you into their world the story isn’t very interesting to me.

    I agree on the dogs. I was with Badger, my last Aussie, when we put her down. It is such a surreal experience. While we were waiting for the vet, I sat out in the parking lot in the car. She laid her head in my lap and I sang Gypsy Rover to her several times. She loved for me to sing to her and especially seemed to like that song. I really do miss her.

  4. John, apparently the guy who posted that actually created the church signs. I have to applaud his skill and his wit.

    I noticed there is a program now to create church signs. Forgive me Lord, you know I won’t be able to resist that.

  5. Sarah, thanks. Wasn’t that hilarious. I laughed my head off when I saw that.

    BTW, thanks for being my first official follower. Are you sure you want that designation? I tend to go down some unusual rabbit trails.

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