Still in the Dungeon

I am still without Little Blue, or anything resembling a working computer. So, this note of desperation comes from the library.

I think I pretty much have Paladin done, but it will need extensive revisions since several chapters had been written in pieces and I was filling in the blanks from memory. Perhaps by the end of January it will be ready to submit.

Car problems so I will be using public transport for a while. That will be interesting.

This seems to be some kind of testing period.

On the bright side, I can honestly say, tests do not stop writing, they only change the methods.

There’s an old cowboy saying, “If you can rope, you can rope with a piece of baling twine.”

The translation is if you can do something, you can do it regardless of how good your tools are.

My middle son hated this saying because he usually heard it when my husband was telling him he didn’t need a different rope. Remember the discussion we had about hard lay versus soft lay ropes and my preference for medium lays?

Cody called a few weeks and told me he was a roper. I said, “Okay. I thought you always were.”

“Nope, but I am now. Dad used to say you could rope with baling twine if you could rope. Well, I proved today I’m a roper. Richard (His wife named the horse “Richard” because she has a perverse sense of humor and likes to tell Cody she’s been out riding “Richard” all afternoon.) decided he didn’t want to be caught so Cody went after the rope, but it was in Ally’s truck and she was gone. He got a nylon lunge line, tied a loop in the end and roped the horse. A lunge line is a long piece of nylon webbing, so it isn’t really perfect roping material.

Anyway, the point of the story is I have been doing some writing, but now I am to the frustrating part because I want to weave it together, but I need the backup to do that. Regardless, I am very pleased with some of the scenes. Love them! Now, to get them into the main work.

Miss you all teriibly and I really miss writing about Surrey. Isn’t that odd?



  1. Hang in there! When I lose a computer I go into withdrawals. And they always die at the most inopportune time.
    Saturn must be in your house of home and bumping heads with mercury.
    Remember Saturn only brings us challenges to make us stronger.

  2. I think you miss writing about Surrey because thoughts of Surrey are warm and fuzzy. Right now, with an exploding laptop and car, you probably aren’t having the best of thoughts.

    Hopefully you’ll return one day. I need someone to bother. 😉

  3. Julie,
    Great message. Goes right along with Vicki’s presentation at Surrey: there is no excuse not to write (unless you want me to post my list!). Sigh…

    Hope you get your ‘puters up and running again soon.


  4. Julie,

    Sorry to hear about Big Blue and Little Blue. I hope you get a computer soon!

    Meanwhile, I loved your roping analogy. And I’m glad you’re writing.

  5. grats to the mad roper, and you for nearing completion 🙂

    will finish the naono thing at some point, but now have three new animation software programs i must teach myself….

  6. Roper has all the earmarks of the title of the first in a series of thrillers — the name of the cynical, sinewy protagonist.

    And Lunge Line would be the sequel.

    Always happy to provide ideas for someone else’s writing. 🙂

    You don’t need us to tell you that we too are looking forward to the arrival of LittleBlue’s successor. In the meantime, just try to close your eyes and take inspiration from the jillions of books all around you in the library!

  7. Julie,

    I happen to have an older desktop laying around. It doesn’t have a monitor, but it’s yours if you want it. (g)

    It isn’t the fastest in the world, but it works and I would be happy to send it to you until you can get your “blues” back.

  8. I will respond to each of you tomorrow when my mind is a little clearer. I’m stll fidgeting around with things. They said they could save the stories on the harddrive, but it is wiped. I, thankfully, have the backup if it will load.

    Little Blue is running about 160 degrees, but one of the techs installed a program that makes it run a little cooler. I think it must also slow some things down as the page is very jerky when I am trying to scroll. Art also warned me to back things up frequently because the hardrive is liable to shut down at any time.

    However, I have access now. Well, except my main email account which Yahoo says is available if I would like to have it for a new account.

    Jenny, I did get Will’s address and will email it to you.

  9. Hey, Aimless. How is the novel about the stalker going? I sincerely hope you have it finished and ready to submit.

    As for Saturn, no idea. I’m a virgo, but that’s about all I know about astrology.

  10. Justus, I was too busy schmoozing around to take good notes about Surrey. I’m afraid I will forget fun and interesting details if I don’t get them down. I’ve just been too lazy to get out a notebook and write them down.

    Aside from that, Surrey really did stir the writer’s passion and I want to share it.

  11. Jenny darling. I really intended to take Vicki’s class as I have heard good things about it. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men….

    I will send you Will’s address today.

    As for the excuses, believe me, I have a lovely list and use it frequently. Posting our top ten excuses not to write might be fun, though.

  12. Sorry to hear about Big Blue and Little Blue. I hope you get a computer soon!

    Thanks, Beth. I have Little Blue, going, but I may be heading back to the library again. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do much research on it. The important part is I at least have a way to convert all these files to RTF now. I couldn’t read them on the other hardrive at all. My old Works would save them to Word, but this only has the rtf option.

    I will take my blessings as they come and just getting this far is a blessing I am very grateful for.

  13. John, ooooh, don’t encourage me to look for new stories. On the other hand, since Art and Tracy have been so adept at recovering this one, I am going to get them to look at the old computer that has Dancing Horses hidden away on it. Who knows, I might actually get back 406 pages of my horse suspense.

    But, while I was pondering in my chamber dark and dreary, I did think of a new project. I usually keep a back up going for when I am tempted to delete Paladin in frustration. I think I’m going to write a mystery featuring Martha and Tilley.

  14. Tara, I may take you up on that. let me see if I can do some tweaking with this. I haven’t been on it that long and my head is already throbbing. Something about the way the images jerk seems to not agree with me.

    I have a lovely monitor Will gave me last year for Christmas, just nothing to make it light up my life.

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