Standing On Faith

The past few weeks have been a time of faith. Will’s best friend called him and asked him if he wanted to rent his brother’s trailer. It’s a nice trailer on fourteen acres. I don’t think there’s any fencing, but that can be added. Since Will got laid off from the Guard Dec. 15th due to a glitch in paperwork, he had to pass, but he asked me if I was interested.

Will talked to Wes. He said I had the trailer, but then we couldn’t get hold of him to go look at it. When Will did talk to him again, Wes said someone wanted to buy it but he wondered if I still wanted to rent it. Will told him yes and I wanted to move in as soon as possible. We were supposed to get together and go look at it the next weekend.

No word.

I was frustrated because I had already given notice at the apartment and they let me know they would be renting it out. I was going to be without a place to live if this didn’t come through. I decided to stand on faith, but I also knew I needed to start looking for another apartment soon.

Will had planned on buying a house before things turned upside down for him, so I was going to put the electricity in my name. I’ve been living in his apartment since he deployed.

I applied to Direct Energy, the one he had, and they told me I was going to have to put up a $350 deposit. I discussed it with Will. Since he wasn’t going to be able to buy a house, I should just cancel it. I did, but apparently their billing company didn’t get the notice. They informed me I should have contacted the company and canceled. I asked how I was supposed to know to contact anyone when I didn’t know they went through another company. They also forgot to send out the reference letter to Will so I could use his history. They did, however, send out two letters informing me I wouldn’t be signed up since I declined the deposit.

Imagine my surprise when the money drafted out of my account anyway.

Just about as frustrating is having to put up a deposit at all. I didn’t have to put any up when I moved out, but my darling ex put a kink in things for me.

Then the apartment management put a letter on my door. If I move out, I owe them an additional $1,100.

It was rapidly going from bad to worse, but I knew I had to keep standing on faith and believe things were going to work out one way or the other.

I kept sorting through things and packing. There is still a lot of Will’s stuff here so I didn’t disturb any of that and just kind of stuffed things where I could. Now was time to get organized. I’ve listened to the Lord of the Rings trilogy about ten times now to keep my mind occupied while I packed.

Will spoke to Wes again and he said I can start moving into the trailer on the 18th. I looked at the calendar and that’s going to be a feat. I have a lot of stuff and Will has a lot of stuff, but it will work out.
I submitted FAR RIDER. I wonder if I hadn’t been preoccupied with other things if I would be thinking about it. I’m not sure. I know it isn’t perfect, but I have confidence in it. If not, there are more stories.

 I’ve already thought I should go back and redo the synopsis again. I think I cut too much out of it. I’ll look at it again after I get moved.

Even so, once things settle a bit, I am going back to work on another story. There are no guarantees in life and certainly none in publishing. Perhaps something a bit lighter than FAR RIDER this time.

I talked to Will the other night and he asked why thing couldn’t ever be simple. He has good reason to ask that. Things have been pretty rough for him. Everything that was supposed to happen with the Guard hasn’t. That’s certainly frustrating when you spend a year in a war. You think you have a plan. Certain things have been promised to you and those promises are broken. People let you down. The government lets you down. When do things go right?

That’s when we think of the blessings. He is home safe. He has his son. He has his whole life ahead of him. He’ll make more money.

We just need to stand on faith. There is a plan for us even though we think everything is going wrong.


  1. Hang in there! I’m also a big believer in “walking by faith and not by sight.” In my case, it sometimes looks like I live by the chaos theory. 🙂 But, things have a way of working out, don’t they?

  2. Susan, it’s easy to look at other people and think, “Why can’t it be easier?” I think the chaos theory is at work here also.

    Things do have a way of working out when we keep our eyes focused above and not at our feet.

  3. Julie,

    Sometimes those obstacles turn out to be blessings in disguise – I hope that’s the case for you and Will and that things get easier soon… and other peoples’ lives often look easier on the outside, but it’s rarely the case on the inside.

    Good luck with Far Rider!!! Did you send it in to Janet?

  4. Merry,

    I’m sure things are going to turn around soon.

    I fell at work. The company doctor gave me some prescriptions and sent me back to work. Spent the night throwing up from the migraine and went home early.

    Going back Monday and insisting on a referral to a specialist.

    The other things seem to be working out.

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