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Six random things. That’s so hard, because I am not terribly unique.

1. I was the first woman to ride a bucking horse at the Miles City and Rapid City Bucking Horse Sales. They have separate divisions now for lady bronc riders, but at the time I could only ride exhibition.

2. My youngest son and I completely gutted an old house and rebuilt it. I built the cabinets by hand and put the metal inserts in the doors so I could do punched tin designs to make them look like old pie safes. We took out all the old 1×8 heartpine boards and I planed them, sanded and dadoed them so I could use them to panel one wall in the living room and put up wainscoting in the kitchen and dining room with the old wood. I laid all the tile, installed the bathroom vanity I built to look like an antique vanity with marble top. I sheetrocked, taped, bedded, textured, painted and wallpapered. Will and I wallpapered the ceiling in the laundry room so it looks like the antique tin ceiling tiles and then he helped me wallpaper it and put up the wainscot. It’s very Victorian looking and everyone needs a pretty laundry room. Will’s room is a deep blue with civil war border and bunting for valances over the windows.

3. I won a “$10,000” racehorse once that George Strait drew the winning entry for. The contest was a scam and the horse was only worth $500. Mr. Strait was very apologetic when he found out about it and sent me a very nice, personal letter. The advertising agency informed me I was a kook who didn’t know anything about horses. I took exception to that and filed complaints with attorneys general in every state in which the contest was held. Forty-six suits filed against the company. When the company’s team of seventy lawyers, who needs seventy lawyers, received five lawsuits in one day they called my attorney friend who was advising me. Since it was a contest, I didn’t have any legal rights even though I had to pay $2,800 in taxes on a $500 horse if I didn’t prove the value was fraudulent. I did have a friend who turned me loose in his law library, however. Anyway, mega-bucks company’s lawyer called my lawyer friend and asked him, “Doesn’t that woman have anything else to do but stir up attorneys general?”

Warren responded, “Your client shouldn’t have called her a kook who doesn’t know anything about horses. You p!ssed her off.”

The advertising agency finally caved, when I discovered not only had they lied about the horse’s value, but they also used the picture of a champion horse and airbrushed it to resemble their horse.

4. I got a job with a horse racing magazine from a letter to the editor I wrote about the contest. I worked for them for seventeen wonderful years.

5. I’ve signed up to take sword fighting and armor making lessons later this year.

6. I have a secret desire to take belly dancing lessons, but don’t tell anyone.

And links still aren’t working. I will have to ponder this a bit more.


  1. Wow, you’re a hoot! Actually, the lawsuit sounds like something my mom would’ve done – but hell, when you’re right you’re right… and you probably would’ve let it go if they didn’t insult your intellect

    Links – I had the same problem with my blog, out of the blue, and it was really puzzling because I knew my links were okay… It turned out there’s something kooky in my blog template, I can link by omitting the quotation marks before and after the url address. I have to include the links in comments but not in my own blog post field. You can try that and see if it works.

  2. Great story with the contest! I’m glad you won–even if you didn’t win your $10,000 horse.

    Eee! And I want to do #5 also! Please blog about it all.

    My aunt took belly dancing lessons for years and just got back into it again recently. She’s in her early fifties. No matter what’s holding you back, go for it! 😀

  3. Hey, JJ.

    I’ve found a belly dancing teacher here, just need to get finances lined out. I’m in the middle of an interesting divorce, so eventually my life will calm down. Until then, I’m looking for a second job so I’m not going to have much time for anything.

    The sword-fighting teacher is about 20 miles away and will give the fighting lessons for free as well as the armor making. He just moved here, so he’s still getting settled. I’m really excited about that.

    As far as the contest, they eventually gave me a check for $9,500. I sold the horse for $500. It was kind of sad because I told them just admit the horse is worth $500 so I don’t have to pay $2,800 in taxes and buy me a good old roping horse my kids can ride and we’ll call it good. They figured their big law firm with 70 lawyers would beat me into silence.


    My kids were so excited when I told them I won. I promised we’d sell the horse and buy them a good rope horse.

    Don’t screw with my kids.

  4. Merry, I am still playing with links. Glad you enjoyed the tag.

    Yep, don’t insult my intellect and don’t screw with my kids.

    Towards the end they even demanded I take a psychiatric exam. The doctor told my lawyer, “You know she’s a very intelligent woman.”

    Warren replied, “Yep. That’s why I just turned her loose in my law library and told her to have fun. I know she’s smarter than I am.”

    I was a member of Mensa for a while, but Warren didn’t know that.

    The only thing Mensa does is give you a card, for membership. Then when someone tells you how stupid you are you can pull out your card and say, “I’ve got a card proving I’m not, do you?”

    Still working on links.

  5. Great way to annoy lawyers! I like it, since it’s a specialty of mine.
    The chapter I sent you is going into revisions, ergo, ignore it. This is always a HUGE problem for me. I’ll take a look at your query now.

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