Shelter In A Storm

You might recall I was feeling restless a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s a certain unease in my spirit. If I were a cat, I’m sure I would be pacing the floor and popping my tail.

For me, it’s a desire to get on a horse and go ride alone off into the mountains, even though I can feel a storm coming on. I’m sure other people get these feelings. Animals can feel the physical storm coming. This spiritual storm seems just as real and just as dangerous.

I got an email from Will two days ago.

He wanted to let me know he was back and all right. Their internet was down and he wasn’t able to get word to me sooner. He also said, “Um, something happened, but I’m all right and the guys are all right.” He would tell me more later.

Later that night he said one of the trucks hit an EID, but the vehicle did it’s job. One man was sent to Germany for treatment, but everyone else is all right.

The shift of troops leaves these convoy routes without patrols and this is what happens.

Yesterday, he sent pictures.

I sometimes get irritated when I feel these spiritual storms coming up, because I don’t know which direction the danger is coming from or who is involved. At those times, I have to just depend on prayer and I pray a shield of protection over everyone I love.

Prayer really is the best shelter in a storm.


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