Scenes from Iraq

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Will and some of the others had to go to Baghdad on business. While they were there, they got a tour of one of the palaces. I wasn’t crazy about him going to Baghdad, but I’m glad he got to see something besides sand. Three of the pictures are from the base. Can you find them?

Catching a nap.
Catching lots of naps.
Will and Speed in front of one of the reflecting pools at the palace.
Uday Chandelier 2
Uday easy chair
Uday Palace chanelier
Not even going to ask.

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  1. Julie Weathers

    Yep. The guys come in from the convoys exhausted and just crash.

  2. Tara Parker

    Glad to see that they are resting and having a little bit of fun.

    The last picture is hilarious.

    Did you get to talk to him after missing his call the other day?

  3. Julie Weathers

    Tara, it was a flying trip to Baghdad. I think they were there two days to set up a new route. Even so, I was glad he got a break from the norm and got to see a few things.

    The top two pictures kind of show it all. The guys come in from the missions exhausted and just crash. Through it all, they seem to maintain a sense of humor as last picture shows.

    No, still haven’t talked to him. I get perturbed every time I think about it.

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