RIP Little Blue

As most of you know, Big Blue died a few months ago. Oh, how I miss my shiny computer.

Yesterday, Little Blue, my laptop died.

So, I have waited at the library for nearly an hour to get a computer, but I wanted to post here to let everyone know I am all right. I won’t be coming down to the library every day to get on the net as it is a pain in the neck.

The tech at work is going to look at it, but he has little hope it can be revived. It might be after Christmas before I get back with much frequency.

So, keep the place dusted, please. If you throw any parties, have a drink for me. I like beer and margaritas.



  1. Unfortunately, per what you’ve said about your hair color, you’re no Goldilocks.

    Which is BAD news only because it keeps you from knowing: with Big Blue and Little Blue gone, the next one — Mama Blue — will be just right.

    Temporary condolences and/or alcoholic beverages and/or hearty backslaps and/or faux grief all around, depending on your mood.

  2. Please tell me you backed stuff up to the site. Oh…drat. Let me guess, I never showed you how to do that, did I?

    OK, just tell me you have backups.

  3. Justus, there is little doubt I will stay offline. I am going kind of stir crazy.

    John, yes, fortunately, I am not Goldilocks, nor am I Mama Bear. I think I’m safe, but I’m going to start taking my vitamins again just in case.

    Lisa, well, in a rare moment of aforethought, I saved chapter 45 to SS. I even thought as I did it, “There’s one chapter that isn’t going anywhere!”

    I did have everything backed up except some revisions. I did not have them backed up to the website. Now, we just need to figure out how to get teh cd out of the laptop and hope it didn’t get damaged in the melt down.

    A tech from work is trying to see if he can restore it or Will’s laptop which is on the verge of collapse also.

    Which reminds me, I spoke to Will this morning. He was getting ready to board the plane to Iraq. Probably no cell phones once he gets there as they are in a remote region and the danger issue. They went to Taco Bell in Kuwait last night and listened to Karaoke at the Taco Bell. He said, “War is hell, what can I say?” Not sure if he was being flippant or the singing was really bad.

    I thought of Moonrat when he mentioned Karaoke.

    He said Aaron Tippin was putting on a show for the troops tonight, but they were flying out this morning so he was grieving over missing that.

    Miss him terribly, but it was so good to hear his voice.

    And now I must go.

    Pour a drink for me.

    Oh, Lisa, if you get a chance, take a look at 45 and see if anything is glaring out at you that needs to be changed, please.

    You all will be happy to know, one more chapter done! Now, I just hope I can translate my handwriting.


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