Reading Is Not Dead

The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

I need to be working on edit, so this will be short, but I wanted to share it.

As you all know, I’ve been getting acquainted with public transportation.

One thing that amazes me is the amount of reading on the bus. One woman, a few weeks ago had a large bag from Hastings. She was kind of frazzled looking and I could tell she’d really much rather be in bed than riding a bus. I probably looked the same way.

I asked her what she bought at Hastings.

“Oh, girl. I had to get out this morning. I ran out of books yesterday. I keep some of those puzzle books, but I have to read. No way nothing else satisfies me.”

She opened up her bag and started showing me her books. She had thirteen new romance books.

That prompted me to ask how long it would take her to finish them. Till the end of the month. She reads a book a day on average and she wants new books.

Two other ladies joined in the conversation. One of them likes Patterson, one likes King and Koontz. (Don’t you live for the day when people will recognize you by your last name?) Then they told me what the rest of their family likes.

There is seldom a day that someone isn’t reading, going to the bookstore or the library.

I know times are not rosy, but people are still reading.


  1. You’re right. The sky is not falling. (Though I did recently read that a couple of satellites — one old and decommissioned, the other still functioning — collided, against all odds. Their dust settles on us as we speak.)

    But things like falling skies (or, all right, satellites) always seem to make for better stories…

    …until we read something like this from you, about the ripples-in-the-water effect of just talking about a book. It really doesn’t hurt to find things to smile about every now and then. (Like this YouTube video.)

  2. Well I keep reading that book reading is coming to an end, that the sky has fallen on the publishing industry and pretty soon people will only read books off the internet…….
    I refuse to believe such nonsense. I can’t imagine not waiting for the dentist and reading, not sneaking reading time throughout the day, not taking a good book to the bath….and on and on….
    I agree with you about people will keep reading. Lets all refuse to be the chicken littles of book present.

  3. Rebecca, exactly. Doom and gloom is a self-fulfilling prophesy only if we allow it.

    I think this is going to be a stellar year for many writers, if they refuse to listen to the naysayers.


  4. According to some survey (ugh, forgot the name!) novel reading has gone up recently, especially in the teens and tween age groups. Nice thought.–

    I don’t doubt it at all. Look at the demand for YA novels. Sheesh, keep writing, people. Write your own destiny instead of accepting the predicted demise of publishing.


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