Proof that Writers are Mistreated!

A few days ago a woman posted a diatribe ranting about agents, editors, the publishing industry and how unfit any writer is aside from literary writers and especially her.

I took umbrage with the entire rant, but I might have to recant. It was brought to my attention that one literary author was passed over in a competition because the other author’s work on farming was more “useful.”

There are examples of, “money-­making booksellers, exploited and impoverished authors, celebrity book launches and career-making prizes.”

I’m ashamed to say there is proof our modern system doesn’t work.

One author admits the booksellers are the rich pimps of publishing while the authors and even the books are the hard-working, but humiliated prostitutes.

So, yes, there is proof that authors are not respected or given their just due.

The proof!


  1. Oh, yes. I’ve been in the middle of that woe-is-me pity party. That’s what prompted me to post this article.

    “I’ve been rejected more than fifty times.” Of course that must mean MW has proof the system is broken not that she might actually need to take responsibility and make some changes.


  2. Good old Martial. It is sort of interesting to imagine him sneaking into the Roman equivalent of Borders and trying to figure out how to turns all his scrolls face-out.

    Never ceases to amaze me how wrong-headed somebody can manage be on something fairly straightforward, including this “the AGENTS are THE reason why the system (to which the agents are, really, just one partner) is broken!” issue. Probably the only thing that amazes me more is how eagerly they grab the Internet microphone to make fools of themselves.

    (And have you noticed how often they make “concessions” to “reason” like, Now, some people will say I’m foolish for saying this out loud…? I want to reply, “Well, umm, yes, and for everyone who says so there are many more of us who just roll our eyes and move on.”)

  3. John, exactly.

    While I was being a bit silly with this link, I found it intriguing. I was especially fascinated with the book readings and the eleven-year-old contest winner. Of course, I am passionate about ancient history.

    As for the fools, they never cease to amaze me. I am not the fawning type. If I don’t care for an agent I am just going to avoid them, but I am not going to be stupid enough to launch idiot attacks against them just to get my fifteen minutes of fame.

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