Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions

I like the new year. It’s like a fresh beginning even though it’s just the difference between one day and another. Kind of like a birthday.

With this new start we have a chance to do better than we did last year, or at least we hope we do. Maybe that’s the whole thing. Hope.

I’ll make resolutions for the new year as I always do. Some are the same, unfortunately. Some are new.

1. Lose weight. As with so many others, that one tops the list. I was moderately successful in 2008, and then 2009 was a solid pressure cooker of stress and I regained what I lost. Sadness.

2. Get back in shape. This goes with the weight thing, but it’s a little more difficult because of the knee problems. However, it can be done.

3. Get an agent. Doesn’t’ that sound terrible? It sounds like you’re going to the store to pick up a loaf of bread. Or, maybe more appropriately, it’s like the horse sale analogy. FAR RIDER is done. The query is done. The synopsis is done. It’s time to set it free.

4. Of course, we all hope our dream agent will be able to sell our baby, but after we’ve done our best and made the revisions the agent suggests, there isn’t much more we can do besides wait. Fortunately, I’m a patient person. It’s not that I have a Zen personality, it’s just that I have a lot to occupy my time. I’m painting ceramics again. I’ve discovered the joy of making rope bowls and now my mind is flying on to other projects I can make with ropes. This could be dangerous. I found my drawing pencils and my sketchbook. Oh dear.

5. Somewhere in the midst of all the projects, I will finish another book. I just haven’t decided which one yet. SONG OF ILWIN is outlined to the tune of 100 pages. I need to go back to rearrange and flesh it out. DRAGON VALLEY has five chapters done plus a bunch of snippets. I like both of the stories, but Dragon Valley is meant to be part of a series. Do I want to start another series when FAR RIDER may sell?

6. House in the country. I’d rather be in Oklahoma or at least the hill country, but just being out of town would be nice for now. Room to organize things would be heaven. A place to do some woodwork would make me ecstatic. I doubt I’ll get a horse this year unless something dramatic happens, but one day.

7. Try to be less political on the blog and twitter. Yeah, that’s going to be a tough one, but I need to do it.

8. Learn to play guitar.

9. Send cookies to soldiers once a week. I’ve burned through eight mixers now between cookies and candy. I’ll eventually have to invest in a Kitchenaid, but the cookies must flow.

10. Spend more time in the bible. I miss my quiet times with Him.

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