My Week

It’s been kind of an odd week.

The boss thinks I’m coming along well so he gave me some new duties.

I like the overtime, but getting in at two or three in the morning is kind of wearing me out.

Sometimes I feel like a vampire.

I should be working on Paladin more, but we all know what I’ve been doing.

We didn’t get any bad weather from Ike, but we did get rain.

I was ready for the end of the week.

Everyone knows I’m trying to get ready for Surrey so I looked in my desk for my documents, but I couldn’t find them. That made me kind of sad.

I looked everywhere.

I even went through the clothes hampers.

Stress is really not good when you’re trying to lose weight. I’m not sure how much I gained.

I looked everywhere.

Well, I didn’t look there.

I was freaking out.

It was making me sick worrying about it.

Then I saw a box sitting on the trunk. Could someone have put the stuff from my desk in that box when I moved?

Yes, there they are! I was so happy.

I even missed the pirates exercise at Evil Editor’s.

Hopefully, Joe will have my fan installed and that will fix Big Blue.

But for now I need to get back to work writing.


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