My Bucket List

Someone linked a youtube video about a group of people who went on a roadtrip and spent much of their trip helping others fulfill their wishes. I need to rent the movie that inspired this, but it did get me to thinking. What is important to me? What do I really want to accomplish before I die? So, here it is. Part of this has already been accomplished, but I’m putting it on the list anyway because these are things that are very important to me and are part of my life goals. I’m sure this will change as I get older, but for now this is what is important to me.

Get organized!


Finish Far Rider—Done

Finish Dancing Horses

Finish Song of Ilwen

Finish Dragon Valley

Rewrite The Dinosaur Store

Rewrite My Friend Rex

Rewrite There’s A Moose On The Loose and find a new title for it.

Finish research on La Patrona

Finish La Patrona

Write My Darling Jed.

Research Ride That Horse.

Write Ride That Horse.

Write an inspirational book.

Learn how to write query letters.

Learn how to write synopses.

Query Far Rider.

Find the right agent.

Sell a book.

Write for a gaming company.

Go to writer’s retreat next year.

Write a book about Brandon to leave to him when I die.

Write a book about Cody to leave to him when I die.

Write a book about Will to leave to him when I die.

Write a book about our family history and stories to give the boys.

Acquire a collection of research books on medieval history and military history.


Kitchenaid Mixer to help make cookies for soldiers.–Done

Cookies to soldiers weekly.

Make a blanket for a wounded soldier.

Investigate and help soldiers who may have been falsely convicted.

Adopt a horse from LOPE.

Help support LOPE.

Get Diane Ironi down here and help find her a good job.

Support another prison ministry.

Find James’ mother and send her the songs he wrote in prison.

Write to a prisoner.

Write to second prisoner.

Adopt a retired military dog.

Help fund military dog adoptions.

Adopt cats from shelters.

Help Lisa.

Help Lynne.

Help Alex Brown Racing


Make carved ostrich egg for each of the boys and grandchildren.

Make wooden toy boxes for each of the grandkids.

Buy another Custer rifle and give it to Brandon.

Buy another John Wayne rifle and give it to Will.

Get special occasion cards and gifts out on time.

Get Will’s blue computer back.

Set up funds for the grandchildren to help with schools.

Record a special song for Mom and send it to her.

Record a special song for Dad and send it to him.

Record a collection of music for the boys for them to have after I die.

Get special occasion cards and gifts out on time.

Pay for a trip to Ireland for Will

Make treasure chests for grandkids and collect gold dollars for them.

Research family tree.

Make beaded gifts for boys.

Call Mom and Dad weekly.


Learn to play guitar.

Take singing lessons.

Take sculpting lessons from Betty Sue Rose

Take drawing lessons.

Take painting lessons.

Learn how to make antler lamps.

Learn how to rope.

Learn how to sword fight.

Learn how to carve ostrich eggs.

Take belly dancing lessons.

Take photography course.

Learn how to make stained glass.

Learn how to carve glass.

Learn how to quilt.

Learn how to bead more than jewelry.


Get rid of headaches.

Take better care of myself.

Get back in shape.

Get knees fixed.

Get back fixed.

Buy a sapphire ring.

Home and Garden

Move to the country.

Own a historic home or build a Crafstman or Victorian home.

Buy and old church and have it moved out beside the house for an office.

Get a Savannah cat.

Build a bunkhouse for guests.

Have a rose garden.

Have a vegetable garden.

Own a good pickup.

Buy a horse trailer.

Make an entertainment center out of the heartpine boards.

Start doing leather work again.


Go to Ireland.

Go to a ren faire.

Go to a pow wow once a year.

Go the National Finals Rodeo

Go to World Fantasy Convention

Go to Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Go to Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

Go to AQHA museum and visit with people in racing commission.


Set up rope bowl business.

Research Highland Hands business.

Research investments.


  1. Cripes. All I had to do was read that list, not fulfill it, and I’m already exhausted…!

    But you forgot to mention Kilt Guy.

  2. Well, actually Kilt guy appears there twice. Why do you think I want to go to Ireland? Actually, I love Ireland, but I do plan to see kilts and learn how to inspect them properly. *wink*

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