Will called this morning. It was so good to hear his voice. He has such a deep, melodic voice and at times I wonder where this marvelous young man came from. He should still be a tiny bundle in my arms.

They’ve lost nine men from the company and they were already under strength. Two went home with severe eye injuries. Some went home because deployment would cause too much of a hardship on their families.

He worked from 6 a.m. the other morning to 1 a.m. and was a bit frustrated.

He’s anxious to get over there and worried they might not go. I, obviously, have mixed emotions, but I understand his reasons for wanting to go.

If I had the chance, I would go in a heartbeat. I may still reapply to KBR next spring.

I imagine they will be deploying in November from all indications if they get their numbers filled.

I’m going to see if I can get him a headset for his laptop so he can record some messages on Audacity.

Yes, I will probably be moving the soldier’s mother posts to a different blog soon.

I finished the edit on one of the short stories for the Surrey competition. The other one was just posted so I will finish it in a few days. Hopefully, I can get them submitted Monday.

I’m going to use the enchanted jars scene for my entry to Jack Whyte’s workshop.

The query is about ready to submit for Janet Reid’s workshop.

So things are progressing. Everything but the weight loss. I will still look like crap for the conference, but oh well.

I hope Joseph can fix my computer this week. I feel like I am high centered on the writing.

Once I get the short stories done, I will get back to work on Paladin.

I thought having my mornings free to write would be great, but I think I got more done at night. Of course, I am still trying to dig out from this avalanche of boxes.


  1. Thought I knew what KBR was — and maybe that’s the one you meant — but then I came across this one, which seems like it might be a better fit for you. But whadda I know? 🙂

    Guess you saw Janet Reid’s recent post about what she likes to see from writing-conference organizers — and attendees?

    And yes, things will settle down eventually and you’ll center on your ideal writing time (given whatever other constraints apply, like the need to work for a living — damn!). But there is something sort of disheveled-romantic about the time before you get there: writing with your elbows propped up on boxes and probably, in the process, acquiring your own dusty patina. (“Dusty Patina” sounds like the name of a Latino cowboy.)

  2. KBR

    Money in Iraq and Afghanistan is very good. Let’s face it, the chances of a first time author making a living writing is slim. Making enough money to buy a home even more remote. While I am not a very material person, having my own home is important to me. I only withdrew my applications because I wanted to keep Will’s apartment safe for a while.

    Yes, I saw Janet’s post and it surprised me. I figured no agent would want sample pages at a conference.

    Our Miss Janet is always full of surprises. I wish she was more interested in fantasy. I do like her bulldog tenacity and love of writing.

    I did get the query finished and ready to send off for Janets’ workshop. It’s not perfect, but that’s the reason for the workshop.

    I really should be going to the gym, but I don’t think I will make it. I’m going to have to start leaving first thing in the morning to work out.

    Yes, Dusty Patina does sound like a Latino cowboy.

    Not sure about the romantic part. I am still bumfuzzled about not being able to find the notebooks with my chapters.

    I wanted to at least get these chapters rearranged so I could figure out what needs to be rewritten.

  3. jobs… the bane of the drinking class :O lol

    the missing binders will show up… when they’re ready 😉

    tai chi chuan is a good thing to embrace

    mixed emotions, indeed….

  4. Tony,

    Oh, I’m sure they will show up. Just need to plow through enough boxes.

    I have a membership to the local junior college’s sports facility. I don’t think they offer tai chi there, but I will check into it.

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