Mad Boars and Fried Pecan Pie

I’m not sure how I forgot about this. I’ll blame it on the late hour I wrote it.

Mad Boar.

Beth, suggested we stop to eat lunch at the Mad Boar on the way to Myrtle Beach. Oh, my goodness. Good call.

First off, there is a gorgeous bronze statue out front of a sitting boar. It really is a beautiful statue and I decided right then and there when I get rich and famous, I am getting some kind of bronze fountain. I loved it and took lots of pictures of it which are on my lost camera.

Jenny, however, shared her picture.

Once I got beyond the fountain, I was hooked by the stained glass windows. One had two people on horseback in a medieval scene. One of them had a snake on their head. That kind of ruined the effect because then I had to wonder why they had a snake on their head for days. I still do.

Inside, it was solid beautiful mahogany-colored woodwork, including lovely beadboard wainscoting. That made me kind of sad because it is exactly the way I did the house. Have I said before I miss my house?

Anyway, it was gorgeous and decorated in Celtic fashion. I was completely in love. I even made an extra trip to the bathroom as we were leaving so I could walk through it and run my hands along the wood again.

I had the beef stew, which was awesome. Later, we ordered some desserts and split them up. Fried pecan pie. Yes, it is to die for. I should have been embarrassed about asking people if they were going to finish the scraps on their plates, but I wasn’t. I am a little now, but at the time, I was just in the throes of ecstasy and when in the throes, I abandon all good sense and manners. I did refrain from licking the plate, however. I warned everyone when we stopped back for our return trip I wasn’t sharing.

I’m not really sure why I have such a kinship to all things Celtic, but I do. I’ve always felt I belonged in the deep south and Ireland even though I love Montana.

Needless to say, lunch was perfect. The food, atmosphere and friends couldn’t have been better.


  1. So glad you had a great time! Hey, I’m from the deep south and I’m Irish! And, I bake pecan pie! (I don’t fry it, though.) So, I get ya, totally! 😉

    Loving your posts! XOXO

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