Lynne Sears-Williams and The Comrades

Someone named Anonymous whined about how unfair it was that they didn’t have the money to go to workshops or conferences while no talent hacks get all the breaks. If they just had money or looks or contacts or any of the myriad other things that they think spells success they could be a best-selling writer also.

I said a while back I wanted to introduce you to my friends I have linked to in the sidebar. Lisa Norman was the first one. Lynne is another one of them and you all have met her on the blog a few times.

Several years ago I stumbled across the Writers Forum. This is where I met many of the writers I still number in my circle of friends. Many of them have gone on to publishing acclaim. Others are still working on it.

One of the ladies I met there was Lynne Sears Williams. Lynne always makes me laugh. She has a sense of humor that just floors me. I laugh out loud and then wonder where she comes up with this stuff. They are mostly off the cuff comments, but her famous tin foil hat stories are classic.

We became very good friends and I loved her immediately. Everyone who had the pleasure of “meeting” her felt the same. Her comments are treasured, her advice valued and her talent envied. Vicki Pettersson echoed in her thanks what the rest of us feel.

Lynne created a world everyone drooled over when she posted snippets. Her hunky Welshmen, oh, yes. They were as sought after as Diana Gabaldon’s highlanders, I think.

She mixes together some men all the women wanted to get to know, a heroine with fire, sass, beauty, passion and lots of trouble and this fantastic world she drew us into so completely our hearts ached to know it. Then she shares how she creates this world with photographs and stories of myths and legends as well as captivating facts about life in these times.

I have often wished I could write like Diana Gabaldon or Beth Shope and yet it was Lynne who made me stop wishing and start looking at ways to make my worlds more real.

I tried to pick out some favorite snippets of hers to post here, but I did the same thing I always do when I start reading her stuff. I get started and I keep going until I run out and then flip back through it and read again. My only advice to you is to start at her first post on her blog and read forward. Don’t skip a one. They are an amazing and fun chronicle.

Then go to the links in this post and read some of her comments and comments about her. Lynne is one of those people whose opinion is valued highly and has greatly influenced many of us, including those who are now published.

This is the season of giving and yet, I sit here and selfishly contemplate the gifts I have received. Lynne is one of them. I value her friendship and her advice and been privileged to share in the world of Powys.

Let me tell you what else Lynne is aside from a dear friend and a very talented writer. She is the definition of grace and courage.

Several years ago she was diagnosed with a serious illness. She continued to appear on Books and Writers and she kept writing even though I’m sure she was going through hell. I think The Comrades is nearing completion now.

She doesn’t rant and rave about what is fair. She doesn’t complain about what others have and she doesn’t. She doesn’t ask for sympathy or special treatment.

She keeps writing.

And now you know why I have little sympathy for someone who can’t write because [fill in the blank here]. (Yes, you thought I forgot about what I started this post with.)

When I ask her in private what I can do to help her, the reply is always the same. “Just pray for me.”

And so I do. Lynne is in my prayers nightly. She is one of my greatest gifts and I am eternally grateful to have her for a friend and an example of grace and courage, not to mention oodles of talent and a more warped sense of humor than mine.

Love you, gal.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.



  1. Julie,

    Oh, what can I say about Lynne?

    She is brilliant, funny, and creative. She writes the sort of characters who stride out of the story and into my living room, muddy boots and all. And I’m happy to see them there. Especially Gareth.(g)

  2. Hi Julie,

    I saw your post in Writers and had to come and comment.

    I met Lynne only recently, and had the privilege and joy of reading THE COMRADES. This beautifully-written work has it all: excitement, intrigue, danger, sadness, love, death, lust… (I could go on and on)

    I wish her the best, always, and to you too, for making such a generous tribute.

  3. Anyone who hasn’t read Lynne’s work has a treat ahead of them. Aside from being a fabulous writer, Lynne happens to be one of my favorite people — for her courage, her sense of humor and her over-all view of life. Whenever I start to give up, I remember Lynne and get my butt back in the chair.

  4. Lynne is now, and forever shall be, my very dearest friend. And even if she hadn’t introduced me to Gareth, that hunkiest of hunks, my statement would still hold true.
    Lynne and I go way back. Mid-90’s, I think. She posted some side-splitters and they were so off-the-wall. I knew she had great potential in Writers and also Authors. (g) But it was the post she wrote about riding side-saddle that sent sweet tea flying outta my mouth onto the monitor. Someone had asked what was it like to ride side-saddle. Lynne suggested the woman try typing her next post straddling her chair and facing sideways at her desk. Then, to add further help, she suggested the woman hop up and down in the chair. Oh man. The visuals were great. (g)
    Lynne is always a great one to punch you up when you feel like quitting, listens profoundly before giving advice, and somehow, she’s able to make you believe you can manifest your own dreams. She’s the writer friend we all need and the one I’m so lucky to have.
    Lynne Sears Williams is a huge talent. I knew, from the time I first read one of her excerpts, that I held in my hands an honest book. We have a lot of good writers around here, but Lynne’s the Real Deal. I’m so proud of all she’s accomplished and how she’s hung in there during such difficult and trying times. She’s someone I will always look up to and she’s someone who can always bring a smile.
    If I could give just one small gift this season, it would be comfort and joy to this incredible lady.
    Ellis, you’re the bomb!

    Yer fren, Babs

  5. Oh, gosh. I never saw this till today; Lisa told me to look for myself on Google and I saw Julie had written about me. It’s February 17th. Way to make my eyes leak. Love you all.

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