Looking For Mr. Right

It’s been nearly a year since I separated and the divorce will be final soon. I have to admit I have been thinking about dating lately. It makes me nervous. What if I find I am attracted to someone like the horse trader? He had some very intriguing moves. The appreciative, appraising look; like he was consuming me with his eyes. Touching my wrist so softly, tracing his finger across it, knowing exactly what he was doing. Giving me an unspoken promise I knew he would have no problem keeping.

Or someone like the pirate, who is based on someone I know. Forceful, dynamic, devastatingly handsome, used to getting what he wants. Knowing exactly how to lead a woman into his trap and savoring every step as she approaches cautiously, but he already knows she’s his.

It’s just been so long since I’ve played this dating game.

I worry I won’t be able to restrain myself. What woman could resist a deadly handsome man? I fear I am already lost.

Or not.

Thanks, Wes. I have laughed all night long over this.


  1. Egad. Just… egad.

    Going from your opening two paragraphs (which you could make a fortune off of, if you posted a reading of THEM 🙂 to the YouTube thing…

    …well, let’s just say that to a guy it feels like George Costanza stepping out of the cold swimming pool.

  2. lol so damn funny… but that’s us, trying so hard to be cool, and mostly ending up ass over tea kettle 😛

    yeah, i know, women do the same, that’s why we get along so well… or not

    as for ‘mr.right’, once bitten, twice shy works quite often

    so it all depends what you want, a fling or a friend….

  3. Oh, being completely serious, I have no desire for any kind of a relationship. Friends I can always use more of.

    John, oh dear, keep my enemies closer? Thankfully, I simply don’t have to deal with most of my enemies.

  4. “Take them both. Variety is the spice of life.”

    Oh, the horse trader is trouble.

    The pirate is TROUBLE. Luckily, he is
    a. A friend
    b. 1500 miles away
    c. 20 years my junior

    Yes, Aimless, there are MEN!

    Interesting, dancing men. Click the deadly handsome men. There is also another link there on YouTube using Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much with a montage of studs. Oddly enough, they interest me less than the guys in Deadly Handsome.

    At the end of the day, a vivid sense of humor is still the most attractive thing about a man.

  5. Okay now, this is, well, verging on kinda half-serious and I hope that doesn’t push everything too far off-topic. BUT…

    That phrase “at the end of the day” struck me, particularly. I think you’re probably right — though you didn’t necessarily mean it literally — about the attractiveness (in a man OR woman) of a sense of humor at the end of the day.

    But, y’know, there’s something to be said for a great sense of humor first thing in the morning, too…

    I don’t know. Just rambling now. And like I said, I’m sure you didn’t even mean the phrase literally. But for everyone on both sides of the gender line who says they appreciate a sense of humor in the other side, I’d like to hear them answer the “OK — laughter in the morning or at the end of the day: which do you prefer?”

    Think of it as an opportunity to sharpen your Blogger skills by digging up and using a poll-taking widget. 🙂

  6. JJ, thanks.

    Wes sent it to me with the caption, “Why women stay single.”

    I was kind of moping around and it perked me right on up.

    The guy jumping rope reminded me of our cowboy softball games. A case of beer at each base and you got a beer if you tagged a base. Outfielders were driving dune buggies. They had a partner who had to scoop up the ball. Thinking back on it now, I’m amazed no one got hurt.

  7. “Think of it as an opportunity to sharpen your Blogger skills by digging up and using a poll-taking widget. :)”

    I hates it when people expect me to grow and learn!

    All right, I’ll put up a poll.

    I’ve already been thinking about figuring out how to embed pictures. Yesterday was my 35th anniversary and I was looking at pictures. I may post some from the early days.

    As for your question, I need a sense of humor all the time. Yes, I am greedy. As you know, the phrase was the equivalent of “humor trumps all in attractiveness.” At least to me that is most important.

    When I met Don, the first thing I noticed was the hat cocked off the side of his head. Yes, that is a personality indication. The cute little bullrider butt piqued the interest further. The smiling eyes sealed the deal; and I asked him to dance.

    Which means one thing; a sense of humor doesn’t necessarily mean happily ever after.

  8. The word “hypocrite” just popped into my mind, propelled by my conscience: I myself have never posted a poll.

    (But… but… but I have a sense of humor about it!)

    The word “rationalization” came next, as in “I’m still building readership. You can’t reasonably poll five people.” Alas, that rationalization won’t work for you, young lady.

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