Logan James Weathers has arrived!

2008 has, indeed, been a good year. Katie had Logan James on the 13th. He is 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long. She said he is beautiful and looks just like Will. She toughed it out and didn’t have anything except a sedative. I was surprised and proud of her. The least drugs you get into a baby’s system the better, but I am probably in the minority on that opinion. Mama and baby are doing well. Katie may be going home tomorrow.

The army was going to let Will go home when the baby was born. He’s supposed to get two weeks paternity leave, but they are pushing so hard to get everyone ready to go he won’t get that. He gets four days in October with the rest of the company in preparation for deployment. They will have a small deployment ceremony November 1 and then begin shipping out. Not everyone will ship at the same time. He thinks it’s going to take a couple of weeks to get everyone gone.

I will be going to Georgia in November come what may.

He was out in the field when he called me today. His phone died, so he bought a new one. They couldn’t deliver it to him since he was out in the field and they sent it back to AT&T as undeliverable. Apparently no one can figure out to just leave it at the office. Now he has to order the phone again and pay for the shipping. It was a little surreal listening to the gunfire in the background. They are training the truck gunners, so there was a lot of gunfire. I would have thought he would be training too, but he said if he goes out he will be a driver so he doesn’t need to know the guns.

And back to writing. Barbara Rogan said it was time for us to start compiling our agent wish lists. She suggested we start with at least thirty names. Eep. How will I explain to Nathan Bransford he isn’t the only one in my life?

Seriously, I think I started with fifty on my list last time. I got an agency about halfway through. So, this number doesn’t surprise me. One the plus side, I think my writing is much stronger now so I am optimistic.

We just finished the language and style portion of the workshop. It’s the last lesson where we will be critiquing each other’s works. I hope we can keep this group together and continue the crit group. We do seem to work well together.

The last lecture will just be a discussion of the business of writing. I will hate to see this class end. I’ve learned a lot. If you all ever get a chance to take one of her classes, they are well worth it.

I worked on TISD yesterday. My tech guy was supposed to call this weekend and try to figure out why Word isn’t working and get the income tax returns for me. I haven’t heard from him so I guess he got busy.

I’m going to lay out all the chapters today and see which ones still need to be switched around to get the mystery aspect integrated sooner.

I would really like to have Word back. I’m having some issues with Open Office.


  1. grats, granny… and katie!

    sorry will won’t get the time off as promised grrrr

    i have my new imac, just need to clear out some of the crap in my bedroom so i can set up a new work area… whole buncha stuff has to be shuffled so i can put two 6’x30″ tables into the L-configuration and still leave a few feet open to get to my bed :O lol

  2. Julie — have been stopping in at least once every day (as you probably know from Site Meter), just haven’t been able to comment much. I’m SO glad to see things starting to settle down for you — c’mon, even a LITTLE? even you have to admit that much. 🙂

    I’ve especially been noticing your popping up all over blogdom, exercising those mad commenting skills. You’re pretty hard to ignore even if I wanted to!

  3. Tony, congratulations on the new iMac. I know you are excited.

    “whole buncha stuff has to be shuffled so i can put two 6’x30″ tables into the L-configuration and still leave a few feet open to get to my bed :O lol”

    Been there done that. That’s one thing I loved about the house I left behind. I designed it so I would have an office proper with lots of storage for books.

  4. John, I’m figuring out my job better, which is good. The downside is I am spending about twelve hours between driving and working. However, the overtime will come in handy. Now if I can just wake up enough to actually write instead of just blab on blogs.

    I’ve noticed you were missing. I hope that means you are busy writing.

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