I removed the whiny post because no one likes whining. So, I’ll write a new whiny post.

Here is the update.

1. I am moved. The apartment is still a disaster, but my desk is set up and the computer stuff is hooked up.

2. Big Blue crashed last night and with it all the latest revisions of Paladin. I have hopes it can be restored.

3. Laptop doesn’t recognize Word. When I try to re-register it as it says, it doesn’t recognize the key code that is on a sticker on the bottom. So, no Word.

4. I can open the chapters I saved on the thumb drive on wordpad, but it irks me to no end to work on wordpad.

5. Will is going to Georgia on August 25. They will prepare for deployment from there.

6. The job is not going well at all. Terrible in fact. So Terrible I am seriously thinking of calling in sick tomorrow.

7. I took down all my favorite pictures at work and brought them home in a plastic mailer bag that seals like a Ziploc. This morning I was unpacking that box and discovered the bag was filled with water. How does a sealed bag get a cup of water in it?

8. I’ve been having one of “those” moments about my writing. You know the ones. You wonder if you are really supposed to be writing. You wonder if your story is really any good. You wonder if you should start painting ceramics instead of writing. I’ve been asking for a sign. So far I hear silence. He might be tired of telling me to “write your way out.”

Finally, I read some chapters and realize the story is there and doubt is the enemy.

9. After much deliberations and asking everywhere, the new working title is THOUGH I SHOULD DIE. Gentyl would have been the simplest, but chances are her name is changing soon. I just need to find an appropriate name. There will be a short prologue with the warrior’s prayer. The final line, “Though I should die, yet will I serve.”

10. The name of the series will the KNIGHT’S BLOOD.

11. None of the names matter because they will most likely be changed anyway.


  1. sorry to hear of all the crap still happening julie…

    only way to get water into a sealed bag: deliberately

    keep ‘gentyl’, no matter what else you change

    and, best make that: KNIGHTS’ BLOOD?

    get some good sleep, as often as possible

    best to will!

  2. Tony, I’m sure things will settle soon.

    No idea on the water, it was really bizarre.

    You are so funny. Gentyl is one thing people are really divided on. Some people like it and some hate it.

    I’ve been taking Unisom to sleep, but it isn’t helping much. I’m sure it will settle soon.

    Going to try and call Will today. He’s been staying up until 11:00 every night to get the weapons ready so there isn’t a good time to call.

  3. Hi Julie,

    First, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having such a hard time.

    Second, I ran across this call for entries and immediately thought of you:

    (you can think of that second one as your sign – if you weren’t meant to be writing would random bloggers immediately think of you when they ran across a call for submissions?)

    School starts soon and hopefully I’ll be back on with more regular blogging. Take care.

  4. Man, I hope you can recover your files! I get a pit in my stomach every time I hear this happening to someone.

    Weird names will always divide people. For what it’s worth, I like Gentyl:)

  5. Merry,

    Thanks so much. I bookmarked it and will work on a submission. I do appreciate you thinking of me.


    Yes, it’s getting kind of strange. I almost feel like it’s one of those epic quests where everything is coming together at once. Just catching a break on one front would be nice.

    I have all the chapters saved on a thumb drive, but I didn’t get the revisions saved.

    Surrey may be slipping away anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

  6. don’t care for anyone who dislikes ‘gentyl’ grrrrrrrr

    get yourself a new mac, iMacs are best for what you need, come with automatic backup, called ‘time capsule’, built-in

    besides, you need to gift yourself about now, and some $1,200 is not exorbitant… a complete pkg, with excellent software included in iLife…

    check em out at

  7. no panic, there’ll likely be new stuff again… the latest iteration of the imac has been out about a month or so…

    havbe fun in surrey [i used to shop there a lot, living nest door, in north delta]… now, clear across on the east coast

    methinks i’ll get the new imac in a bit, then a power mac later

    [i have four macs, now, all too old for what i’ll be doing once i get my animation software]

  8. “hope you can make it to surrey, if nothing else, should be a nice break”

    Me too. I just got off the phone with the lawyer. We are no longer high centered, but it’s still slow going.

  9. Wow, hard drive crashing is one of my worst nightmares!
    Sorry that everything is going so bad.
    On the other hand, can you save the wordpad document on a flashdrive? Then it should be able to convert onto Word on a different computer.

  10. I have the first 20 chapters saved on the thumb drive and the rest of the chapters were the old original chapters. So, all is not lost and I have hopes my techie guy can revive the computer when he gets back from vacation.

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