Letters on the Wind-1

Potpourri tonight while I bake cookies for Will.

Letter from Will. No, I still haven’t had time to set up Letters In The Wind for the journal.

Hey mom. love u. I guess it sent it to your other email. I think it was saved and used it. Well things are goin good we’re rollin pretty busy so that’s good. Things are pretty quiet. [ ] company hit a donkey the other day. That’s about it. They run all night missions so sleep’s the only thing we really fight. I got kt [ ].

Well I love u mom tell dad I’m doin good and I’m goin to try and call when I can    I love all of yall


Will letter written 12-3-08

Dearest Will,

I mailed off your first letter today. We’ll see how long it takes to get there so I can make some plans on some other things.

This letter will be included in a card. Some friends at Surrey signed this card for you. All of them are very talented writers. Vickie Petterson is one of the many writers from Books and Writers who has gone on to publishing success. She is the author of some popular urban fantasy novels. I was happy to see she had signed the card for you. I thought it just got passed around our table.

Still waiting to hear the verdict on your blue laptop. Art is trying to install drivers for the Ethernet since it has decided it doesn’t want to work. He did some fidgeting with the cooling and has it dropped down a bit, but it’s still running way too hot. He agrees with Joseph that it’s mainly a design flaw. He did discover the computer was set to shut down after a few minutes if you weren’t using it. That, of course, causes anything unsaved to be lost and a disconnect on games etc. He changed that setting, but left instructions about how to change it back if you want. Basically, he said it will cost more to try and fix it correctly than it’s worth.

Art just called, his assistant found a program that is supposed to help cool the system by “under throttling.” I have no idea what that means, but if it works I am thrilled. Being without a computer and the net is driving me kind of bonkers. I was thinking about a scene last night involving a gatehouse and went downstairs to get on the net to look up the portcullis mechanics. I wish I hadn’t given the encyclopedias away now, but hopefully the boys will make use of them. I do think I’m going to get another set when I settle.

Just talked to Dad. Nickel did have strangles. She’s lost about 300 pounds because she couldn’t eat and she’s still nursing that colt. Poor thing. I haven’t seen her, but she has to be miserable. He said she’s eating again so, hopefully, she’ll start picking weight back up. Luckily, your dad was already shooting her up with antibiotics or it could have been much worse. I just hope the rest of the horses don’t come down with that garbage. He said the baby isn’t showing any signs of it, so maybe she’ll be the only one.

I was unpacking a suitcase today and spilled an entire bottle of mouthwash on that satin comforter. I may have ruined it and that makes me pretty sick. I love that comforter. I really have to be more careful.

Spoke to Katie and they were just coming back from deer hunting. They got five deer so there will be meat in the freezer for a while. She said her dad was going to buy half a hog also. Little Man was having some stomach problems. Poor little guy. He threw his head back and hit her thumb while we were talking and was screaming bloody murder. She told him he’s the one who did it, but he didn’t seem to care much whose fault it was. He is such a beautiful little boy. Did you get your hair cut in a warhawk so you and your son have the same hairstyle?

Just talked to Art and Tracy, who are working on your laptop. They’re still trying to fix the graphics card issue and the Ethernet. They hope to have it finished tomorrow. I just hope they have it done by the weekend. I think after the holidays I am going to check Tiger for some refurbished computers. Art said it’s just a matter of time before yours goes down permanently and I don’t want to be using it when it does.

Now, time for a Will story.

When you were pretty little there was a Dairy Queen commercial with a monkey riding a Border Collie who was herding chickens. That commercial fascinated you and you kept pointing at it and asking me what that was. I just assumed you were talking about the monkey, so that’s what I told you. You, being you, insisted from that time on that every chicken we saw was a monkey. I learned a very valuable lesson. You learn quickly, but I better make sure you learn it right the first time because changing your mind about anything once you had it filed away was like parting the Red Sea.

All right, I gave you a bit of time to get acclimated there. Not much, but I have faith in you. Tell me about the sand box. Are you still trying to get situated? Have you gotten any rest? Do you still have to sleep in the armory or did you get a real bunk this time? How was the flight over there?

Do you need anything or want anything that I can send you?

I love you so very much. Take care of yourself. Read your bible. I pray God’s protection over all of you.




  1. Julie,

    Thanks for sharing these. I can’t imagine what you must be going through with your boy so far away and in that place. My chest hurts for you.

    Please don’t forget that I have a computer if you want it. I will absolutely send it to you if you still need one.

    It’s entirely selfish, by the way. I need more Martha and Tilley!

  2. Tara, thankfully, he is in a zone that is relatively peaceful. There are more of those than trouble spots, but you don’t hear about those on the news.

    He knew sooner or later he would be deployed. His recruiter was very forthright about it when he sat at our kitchen table.

    “It’s not a matter of if, but when you will deploy.”

    He went on to explain even without Iraq, someone entering the Guard must always assume they will go active. Anyone who doesn’t, isn’t being realistic.

    Tara, I may take you up on the computer. The laptop has started shutting down in the middle of things. I write everything straight to the flash drive, but it’s still going to be difficult if I lose a computer all together. I’m getting close on Paladin and so anxious to get this done.

  3. I’m glad he’s in a more peaceful area. I also know how proud you are of him and both you and he are in my nightly prayers!

    Email me your home address and I’ll send the computer this weekend, if you want.

  4. Hey Julie,
    It’s a bit late, but I sent off a box of 20 or more Holiday cards from my Girl Scout troop, along with about 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (which I hope will make up for the lateness of the cards).

    Lovely letter to and about your son! Hang in there mom. (((HUGS)))


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