Janet Reid…

I don’t know what to say, except I think someone sent her a huge store of Scotch and she’s been celebrating a bit early.

No vacation for Miss Janet.

I know what this is. It’s a test. I almost didn’t pass. I may still not pass. Please send thoughts of strength my way.

Sooooooo, tempted to send the query and pages to her. So very tempted.

At the worst, she would reject me and I would get that out of the way. At the not quite so bad, she would ask for a partial I don’t have the final revision on.

I am going to be strong and hold off. We will sell no wine before it’s time is my motto. On the other hand, I will have to let it go someday and quit fiddling with it.



  1. Julie,
    There comes a time when a child has to leave the nest. Let it go, girlfriend, let it go. This one is threatening to burst out on its own, and you know what happens when you hold a child that’s ready to fly the nest…it ain’t pretty.

  2. Lisa, it is far from ready to fly. This one would go splat since it is missing two chapters and parts of seven chapters. I doubt the agent would be amused by [insert fight scene here]

    However, I do know I have a tendency to fiddle endlessly and I have to set it free sooner or later.

    On the other hand, the finishing and fiddling has added some very interesting elements that have quite amazed me. You know how wild some of the scenes are so for me to be surprised when one of these new elements pops up is saying something.

    How is it going?

    Did you notice Tara wants to room with us next year at Surrey?

    Notice how I am so confident we are going next year?

  3. Do NOT send this before it’s ready. I don’t/ do NOT NOT NOT /want to say no.

    You are a gifted story teller and a kick ass writer.

    Do NOT let impatience get in your way.

    Your devoted fan,

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