It’s Hard To Be Humble

It’s Hard To Be Humble-Mac Davis

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the recent edit frenzy.

Some parts of Paladin are pretty good. Some parts aren’t. Some parts are pure drivel wrapped around the bones of what could be good.

I’ve known all along a famous military commander is the pirate’s father and why the son turned to piracy. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to reveal it. Last night, the light went on and I realized I had an opportunity to add another layer to that arc. I had already done one round of edit on twenty-four, but I was going back to do some more clean up and try to get rid of some more words. I did cut some more, but I wound up adding fifty more words in an effort to flesh out this layer.

I think part of the revision process is not only to look at what needs to be improved, but also to look at what you’ve done right. Some scenes you just look at and know you nailed it. Not that someone else won’t look at it and see room for improvement, but you know the soul is there.

The effort must be to bring each scene to that quality. If it feels off to you, it probably is. Set it aside and let it simmer. Go back and look with fresh eyes. Start tinkering with it and bring it up to the next level.

There is a difference between being egotistical, besides filling out tight blue jeans a certain way, and being confident in your story.


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