It’s All About Leather

I confess, I love leather. I love the smell of it and the touch of it. I like going into a tack room and reveling in the smell of leather and horses.

On my list of things to do is go to the Old El Paso Saddle Company in, wait for it, El Paso. The craftsmen all dress in authentic 1800’s garb and are avid historians. Oh, yes, if I had the money I would take off a week just to spend shooting the bull with them. Since I don’t, I will take off a day, go down there and breathe in leather and history for a day. I will order something just for me. I’m thinking a hand carved leather bag. I carve leather, but don’t know when I would have time with trying to finish this book and actually make it readable.

Anyway, suffice to say, I love leather. So, when John sent me this link to this ad, it struck me on many levels.


I actually have had men offer me their room keys. I wish I had been as quick as this woman, but alas, my mind takes a bit to recover from the shock. I did pass one key on to a very drunk, very…worn lady and explained the man was too shy to ask her to visit him. She, being very drunk and very…worn, was not so shy and staggered off to meet Don Juan.

Oddly enough, I have a leather coat just like the one in this commercial except mine is burgundy. Loves it I do.

Thank you, John. I loved this. The best part is the moron doing the double take when he sees the man with his room key.


  1. You’re welcome. Had a feeling it might click with you… And yeah, that split-second just as the elevator doors close is priceless!

    The Missus and I found this eBay shop over in England which hand-makes leather-covered journals; we got one for a favorite nephew’s college graduation. The thing exceeded our wildest expectations. I actually had a difficult time shipping it to him, favorite be damned. πŸ™‚

    When you’re ready for a little outside-your-genre practice (presumably you would fit this in between constructing polls and uploading images *cough*), the story of what happened between the room-key Don Juan and the “very… worn” (!) lady — well, it’s just crying out for a conclusion.

  2. Hmm, now I am lusting after a hand-covered leather journal.

    Re the Don Juan, he was not amused with me as the lady was very persistent and interested in his fine, young body. Cowboy humor is not a pretty thing at times, but it is always interesting.

  3. Here‘s the eBay shop where we got ours. The specific item was described as “A5 Distressed Brown Leather Wraparound Travel Journal”; dunno if they still have any.

    Also dunno if they’re actually any good to actually write in. But handling the thing (and sniffing the leather, all that) was amazing.

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