I refer you to the Danger Synopsis post in May.

I spent some time organizing Paladin tonight, not enough time, but some. Will, hopefully, finish the rewrite on the final chapter tonight. The battle scene may need some sprucing up.

I’m probably going to lay off the blogs for a while, except for a select few. I have to concentrate on this book and the workshop. After I get a few things lined out with Barbara’s workshop, I need to start running it through the Books and Writers or it isn’t going to be done for Surrey.

So, between the move, Barbara’s workshop and the B&W workshop, I think I have enough to occupy me. Plus, I am going to start working out again next week. Need to get in better shape if I am going to strap on armor and learn to sword fight.

And, speaking of Barbara’s workshop, I was kind of dreading the critique. Yes, there are still some problem areas, but she was pleasantly surprised by the new synopsis. Of course, compared to the old one, it only had one way to go.

The things I was most worried about, structure, plot, arc, etc., I nailed. She even recognized some strong characters. First exercise was beginning, end and the synopsis. I can’t go into much else because it’s a closed workshop and copyright material, but I am very pleased I made the commitment to do this. She is well worth the money and effort and I highly recommend her.

Will’s unit is having a concert at the armory tonight and I am going. They ship to Louisiana Saturday morning for three weeks of convoy security training. I wish they had longer, but most of the guys and gals in the unit have already been to Iraq once. They stay in Louisiana three weeks and then come home for three weeks. Then they ship off to Georgia, where they will deploy to Iraq. I’m trying to not dwell on this much to avoid a lot of navel gazing.


  1. best to attend to what needs tending πŸ˜‰

    i know about the ‘getting in shape’ bit… i’ve lost 5#, 40 more and i’ll be happy… so will my doctor

    it’ll be rough til your son is safely home again, so think positively on that, julie….

  2. Thank you, Tony. Yes, I have to dwell on the positive. His unit has already been once and returned safely, so I will trust God to do it again.

    I hate it when I’m out of shape. Best shape I have ever been in was when I worked for Graham Farms, training colts. I spent much of my day just walking. When I wasn’t walking, I was halter training babies and handling mamas. Since I’m not halter breaking colts and brushing and caring for mamas, I’ll do some weight training. I need it anyway for the sword fighting.

  3. any time, prayers for his safe return from this on, too

    i walk, cut back on meal portions, will skip rope, and use my bike again, once the weather improves

    what’s with this sword fighting? gonna be in a movie? or just more exercise?

    i’m a huge iaido fan, so it’s not really ‘fighting’, as such

  4. what’s with this sword fighting? gonna be in a movie? or just more exercise?~

    I was actually picking an armor maker’s brain about armor and he mentioned he teaches sword fighting. I told him as soon as he gets set up to count me in. I think it will make my fight scenes much better if I actually know how to fight.

    Plus, it’s one of my life goals. I also want to learn to joust, but I need another horse for that.

  5. best kind to have, julie… really despise the ‘closed’ type….

    was just about to comment on your new paladin conclusion when the whole thing disappeared πŸ™

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