Hard Drive

The good news is he thinks he can rescue the documents off the hard drive. The bad news is the hard drive is most likely gone. I’m going to have to rebuild it sooner than I planned.

Am I kicking myself?

Oh, yes.

The laptop isn’t recognizing my printer so I can’t print anything off, but at least I can get back to writing.

One the plus side, many of the revisions were made during the workshop so those are available there.

The final versions of the first eight chapters are posted on the private writer’s forum I belong to.

Somewhere in this pile of boxes are notebooks with the printed chapters, pre-revision so all is not lost even if he can’t recover them.

I guess what really irks me is I did so much tinkering with those chapters and felt like they were pretty much finished aside from final comments from my critters and final edit.

Ah well. Nothing to can be done but start tinkering again.


  1. Know what you mean. Of all emotional states, “resignation to one’s fate” is probably just about the least satisfying. No wonder religions start up: at least they give their adherents someone — the gods — to shake their fists at. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, this is completely my fault. I should have been backing up the revisions and made sure all the new chapters were saved.

    I am still in hopes Joseph can rescue the chapters, but it is time to start the process.

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Flash drive!!
    When I write, because I’m paranoid, I save my work on two different computers, a cd, and a flashdrive.

    Wow, that sounds really neurotic.

    πŸ™ But I feel for you. I hope you can recover everything.
    Who knows, while you’re revising maybe you’ll have some genius light-bulb moment with an edit?

  4. Thanks, Jessica. I tend not to have genius moments in cases like this because my mind is too busy chastising me.

    I’ve lost a few stories for the magazine when the power went out and I lost what I was working on.

    I’m still hunting for my binder with the chapters.

    Yes, I will be going to get a flash drive today.

  5. another good investment: a proper ups [uninterruptible power supply], gives you time to complete necessary backups in a power failure… apc is a good choice for a manufacturer

  6. she is great, today we had a sushi brunch ‘date’ at her fave japanese place, both of us using chopsticks

    she’s in the final year of her master’s degree, and still works at a chi-chi flower store, so had to be at work by 1 pm

    thx, i’ll send your card then πŸ™‚

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