Happy Snoopy Dance

Surrey is getting closer, so close I can almost smell Canada.

You may remember I mentioned the Master Classes. These are classes for advanced writers typically and are held the day before the conference starts officially.

I submitted my enchanted jars scene to Jack Whyte’s Breathing Life Into Minor Characters. Since Mr. Whyte is extremely popular, with good reason, I had no expectations of getting in his class.

K.C. sent me a message a few days ago on Books and Writers asking for a new email as my email was bouncing. Ah, yes, the email problem. Since it took AT&T three weeks to activate my internet after I moved, we had some discussions. When they said it would be another ten days, I told them to cancel my account and my phone. So, several weeks later they closed my email account. Oops, forgot to send new one to K.C. Anyway, I sent her a message, expecting to be told the master classes were full or some equally distressing news.

Imagine my surprise when she told me I made Jack’s class. They haven’t released the numbers yet, but I understand it was pretty stiff competition. I know some of the writers who submitted and they are very talented.

So, yes, I was doing a happy Snoopy dance. It means I have to get serious about the query now, since I won’t be going to Janet Reid’s master class, but I think I can live with that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dance a bit more.


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