Hanging with My Gnomies-Part 2

You would think gnomes are relaxed little creatures who enjoy gardening, drinking ale, reading and smoking pipes. Sort of like hobbits, only shorter.

I bought two gnome figurines while I was in Montana. One is lying down, looking at a butterfly. The other is under a mushroom reading. The mushroom is solar powered and glows at night. This is how I imagine gnomes…relaxed and never in a hurry.

You might remember we decided to name our little writing group the gnome writer’s group. Someone mentioned we should have a group like the Algonquin. We lacked a little of that class, but nothing of the enthusiasm, and so the Gnomies were born.

We were discussing the Surrey conference and I said I was thinking strongly about going to the Rocky Mountain Gold Conference. There were a few back-and-forth emails and the next morning I had dozens of emails. The bad thing about being a night owl is waking up to discover the world has gone on quite well without you.

Most of the ladies had already checked it out, made up their minds and were making reservations.

I went to work and came home to dozens more emails.

Has anyone heard from Julie?

I think she’s still working.

Does she want to go? Can we count her in?

My eloquent response, “I’m in. Of course, I am not going anywhere if I don’t lose some weight.”

I wake up to more emails.

Hotel reservations, conference reservations, plane reservations.

Wait, why don’t we extend the conference a bit longer and have a mini writer’s retreat also?

Hotel is filling up, grab reservation. I have a roomie. Lisa’s familiar with my slovenly ways, snoring and beer drinking. Kari Dell is going to bunk with us also if hubby agrees to let her go. This is going to be an adventure.

Returning from work was exciting. It was like opening a Christmas package. Beth, the elegant, refined southern lady, has been moving with the speed of lightning and found a house we can rent complete with mountain scenery, indoor swimming pool, tennis court and nearby horseback riding for less than what we would spend on motel rooms.

I don’t make snap decisions well. I used to, but I am old and more cautious now. Everything gets weighed carefully. I’ve even adopted a measure of desire. Those boots will cost you one pint of blood. Do you really want them?

I did buy a lovely beaded barrette when I stopped at Sioux Trading Post in Rapid City. It’s gorgeous and it will look great with my hair. (It and the porcupine quills cost one pint of blood.) I’m thinking about making earrings to match it. (Cost will be another pint of blood, but I will have beads left over.)

That bad thing about this, if there is one, is it’s a month earlier than Surrey so we have less time. You can almost hear the keys clicking as everyone scrambles to finish, revise, polish and otherwise fret with their manuscripts.

Ah, yes, the game’s afoot.

Reservation goes off in the mail tomorrow.

These women frighten me. When they make up their minds to do something, it just gets done. Maybe I need more of this volatile energy.


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