Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving and I have a lot to be thankful for. Three healthy children after a doctor told me I shouldn’t try to have more children. This was after Mirinda died and he rightfully predicted I would have trouble carrying another child. I wanted six children and had four. I’ve lived to see three of them grown with families of their own.

Healthy grandbabies. Healthy, adorable, happy and intelligent grandbabies make a person’s life complete.

My parents are alive and well. They’ve both had their share of health problems, so this is another true blessing.

I have a home and I have food.

I have some of the best writing friends a person could have. I expect to see them all in print one day. Many of them already are, and that is the quality of the group.

I’m thankful for our military and their families who spend so many of these holidays apart. We owe them a debt that can’t be repaid and a simple thanks isn’t enough, but it’s a beginning.

With that in mind, I’d like to promote a few worthy sites where people can get involved to help them.

Tell Them Thanks  This is an organization that puts people who wish to send letters and care packages to service members who have put their name on a list to be adopted. The nice thing about this is they have the service member fill out a form requesting the things they most desire so you aren’t sending Starbucks coffee beans to a soldier who is in a remote location with no coffee grinder, electricity or coffee pot. I’ve been getting names and addresses from them for a few years now and they are great people.

Soldiers’ Angels This is a remarkable organization. If you have any skill at all, they can use you. They make quilts and blankets for wounded soldiers and those who are simply in very cold areas with little to no heat. Another team makes mufflers. They send care packages, help with the families of the deployed, help wounded warriors and many other vital missions. 

The Wounded Warrior Project This is a project given much attention by Gary Sinise. When our heroes return wounded, they face a multitude of challenges and this organization helps them meet them. 

The Gary Sinise Foundation  The is the home of Gary Sinise’s foundation to help Wounded Warrior projects, first responders, disabled American vets and other worthy outreaches. Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band has performed all over the world for the troops and at fundraisers for the organization.

Books For Soldiers  This is a wonderful organization that allows soldiers to request books and other materials to help pass the time. I know a lot of my friends are readers, so here’s a great way to pass on books to people who will truly treasure them.

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