Finally Friday

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Finally Friday!

Soooooo, looking forward to writing this weekend.

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  1. Justus M. Bowman


    I know what you mean. It is nice to relax from the usual routine and do the “fun stuff”!

    I tried to contact Barbara again, so hopefully she received that e-mail. Thanks for telling me about the issue.


  2. Julie Weathers

    Justus, very welcome.

    I think you will find her very helpful. Also, feel free to stop in at Books and writers Forum. It’s a stellar writing hangout.


  3. Justus M. Bowman


    I remember you mentioning the Books and Writers Forum, but it took me some time to find a link. I suppose if you and Barbara hang out there, I’ll look into it more.

    Now get to writing!


  4. Julie Weathers

    Justus, I have it linked in the sidebar under The Write Stuff.

  5. laughingwolf

    hey julie, just poking my nose in a bit… grats on nearing completion! 🙂

    …back to the grind

  6. Julie Weathers

    Tony, glad to see you. I was worried you had disappeared, but happy to see it was just a Nano kidnapping.

    Good luck.


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