Digital Frame Help Needed

Time is running out and I need to get these frames bought. I decided to buy all the boys, and probably Don, digital frames for Christmas. I have most of the family photos that have survived, so rather than try to get all these reprinted I am going to scan them onto cards and give the frames.

I am completely tech illiterate so I don’t really know what to look for. For Don it has to be easier than a tv remote to use, but I figure the oldest boy will set it up for him. The boys are all pretty savvy so they can deal with setting theirs up, but something very complicated isn’t useful for anyone.

Most important features to me would be picture quality, automatic resizing, ability to shuffle order the pictures are played.

Any suggestions?




  1. At the risk of letting the air out of your tires, or [searches memory bank for a remotely equine counterpart] loosening a shoe…

    I’m fairly technically literate so the idea of digital frames per se doesn’t put me off. BUT I’ve never been even remotely tempted to get one myself, or to recommend one for somebody else. Why? Main reason is technological impermanence (to use a high-falutin’) phrase.

    But don’t panic. Here‘s a how-to-buy guide, including some reviews. You also might want to check out reviews and comparative prices at (where I buy almost everything even remotely computer-related anymore). You can select price range and/or manufacturer and/or etc. via the menu at the left, and when you get some results you’re interested in you can sort them, e.g. via best rating.

  2. Julie,

    Actually I got one for my in-laws a couple of years ago. I loaded the pictures onto the card (just copying through the computer) and inserted it into the frame. When you powered it on, there were options…you just push until you got to “slide show” which is pretty much what we left it on. There weren’t a whole lot of settings. Now I know there are a bunch more, but I’d still go for something simple. Remember: all it needs to do is sit there and show a picture.

    They loved it.

  3. John, I am much more a photo in hand gal, but for my purposes, I think these will help. I think if I scan off all our photos and the kids can look at them, then they can print off the ones they want.

    I really appreciate the links. I spent all night long perusing those sites. It helped a lot just to learn what to look for.


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