Counting Blessings

Garth Brooks did a song years ago called Unanswered Prayers.

I know there are a lot of times I look back on my life and wish I had made this decision or that one, but for each change in the path there are new challenges and missed blessings.

For me, the greatest blessing in life is my children. That isn’t to say it’s always been easy, but they are my joy.

I was speaking to someone recently who said, “My life isn’t going well. It just seems like everything is such a battle.”

I know exactly where he’s coming from. There are times that nothing goes right. People tell you they’re going to do something and they don’t. You are left in a precarious position because you trusted them. Then something else happens to make things even worse and you wonder when it’s going to end. At times it seems like a never ending struggle, but we just have to get through it. Happier days are ahead.

When I separated from Don, I put in an application with KBR to go to Iraq. I figured I could work over there two or three years and save enough money to buy a house. Since the divorce was pretty much cut and dry, my attorney advised me to cancel those plans until everything was over. Nearly two years later, it was finalized and by that time KBR was no longer hiring.

Maybe this was one of those unanswered prayers.

In one of her books, Corrie Ten Boom talks about living in a barracks in a concentration camp where the fleas were so bad, the guards refused to come inside. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her story, her family helped several Jewish families escape Holland. A neighbor betrayed them and their entire family went to the camps. If I remember right, only two members survived. Corrie was in the same camp with her sister who was beaten repeatedly and starved. Her sister died in the camp.

The Ten Boom sisters were in this flea infested barracks, which was considered a hellhole by everyone else in the camp. However, because the guards never came in the building, the sisters could read from a bible they had smuggled in and talk about God. To them, this barracks was a blessing. The fleas put a shield of protection around them as they shared the word of God with the other prisoners. It’s hard telling how many people they were able to comfort while they were imprisoned. I can’t imagine what that horror must have been, but to feel the love of these two women and know they cared had to be miraculous.

So many times we get caught up in our troubles and we lose sight of our blessings. The car doesn’t start, but at least we have a car. The apartment is tiny, but we have a home. A loved one betrayed us, but we knew love.

Do you realize how marvelous you are? There is only one of you. In the entire history of the world there has only been one of you. There will never be another like you. You look at yourself and see the flaws, but in reality, you are a miracle.

Someone loves you.

With a smile or a kind word, you can make someone’s day brighter. You can be a light in the darkness to someone you don’t even know.

What a wonder you are.

And as we start this new year, I reflect on my many blessings.

I have a job I like and I like the people I work with. It would be easier to help Will with Logan if I had a different shift, but I have confidence this will work itself out.

My children are healthy.

My grandchildren are healthy and surrounded with love.

I am relatively healthy and will be more so soon.

I have a group of wonderfully talented writers who are friends and mentors.

I’ve been given the opportunity to write.

I have agents and editors who are interested in FAR RIDER.

 I’m happy.

Time has not stolen my heart of a child. Someday I may be forced to grow up, but it isn’t today.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I trust God has a plan for it and me.

I’ve been given a brand new year to play with. It’s an empty jar waiting for me to fill with memories. It’s my decision whether I want to fill it with happy memories I can cling to in the dark times or regrets that only fuel the dark times.

Will you take hold of this empty jar you’ve been given and fill it with happiness?


  1. And is this jar a flying one that spouts poetry? And how am I supposed to take hold of it when it is flying around the room? Ah, the you give me, dear friend. This was a lovely post. I’ve missed our chats.

  2. Deleyna, it’s part of my new get fit plan. You have to chase the jar around a bit to put your happiness in it.

    I’ve missed our chats also. I hope we can get them back on track. Is your phone number still the same?

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