Christmas Wish List 2008

Don complained for years I was horrible to buy anything for because I am so hard to please. This always astounded me because I truly appreciate anything anyone does for me.

The only gift I ever took back was a periwinkle blue suit he bought me to wear to church. The skirt was a box pleated thing and the jacket was a square, boxy jacket. Yes, if you are envisioning your grandmother, so did I, and I was in my late twenties at the time.

I returned it not because it was ugly, but because it was size sixteen and I wore a size eight at the time. I have a sneaking suspicion his mother did the shopping since she was in her sixties at the time and she loved those kinds of clothes.

Other than one incident, I’ve been pretty tickled to get anything. Even so, I started making a Christmas list with the top things I wanted for Christmas to make it even easier on everyone. They could pick an item off the list, it would be something I wanted and I would still be surprised because I never knew what I was getting.

So, because it’s become kind of a tradition and I felt like sharing and was too lazy to think of something interesting to write. Here you go.

1. Socks. Socks are always at the top of the list because I like fresh socks with elastic that still works properly. Fun socks are always nice. Holiday socks are great. Socks with toes make my heart giggle and my toes wiggle. This year, I have discovered the bamboo ankle socks. Oh, yeah, I love those. Slipper socks are nice since I wore out my cow slippers and the stairs are too narrow for bulky slippers anyway. Socks made in the USA are a big bonus.

toe socks

2. Leanin’ Tree coffee mug. I collect them and treasure them.

3. Prismacolor drawing pencils.

I’ve decided I’m going to start drawing again this year and I love these pencils. They are like Crayons for big people.

4. Gary Provost writing books. Any of them.

5. Any book on medieval life or warfare.

6. Degenhart bird with berry or hen on nest salt cellar. When I started remodeling the house, I decided early on to turn my kitchen window into a display area for Degenhart and Boyd salt cellars. Late in the afternoon, the sun shines through the west window and through the glass salt cellars, making it look like poor man’s stained glass. I like the Boyd swan salt cellars also.

7. Antique baby spoon. I like them because they are dainty and they have a history. I like most anything antique, though.

8. Cat. I’ve decided, after much consideration, to get a cat. I wasn’t going to, but the jobs in Iraq/Afghanistan are dwindling dramatically so I doubt I will be able to get one there. They are down from 660 to 64 in Iraq and those I saw were all senior positions. I’m going to keep looking, but I have my doubts about it now. On to plan b. I will go the animal shelter after Christmas and let a cat pick me.

9. Tool box.

10. Cookbook. Preferably a junior league style cookbook, but I’m not particular. I don’t even care if it’s new or used. My crew knows I am pretty plain vanilla so French pastries cookbooks aren’t going to get much use.

11. NIV bible. Mine got ruined when the top went off the barn and everything got soaked. I still use it, but so many pages are stuck together it’s kind of difficult. I have several others, but I miss my NIV.

12. Lotion or bubble bath. Yes, I love my bubble baths.

13. Gnome

14. Photo album

15. Celtic music. Something by Hugh Morrison would be great, but I’m not particular.

16. Flavored tea.

17. Books to send to soldiers. New or used, it doesn’t matter.

18. Ireland poster.

19. George R. R. Martin, Pirates of the Caribbean, dinosaur or inspirational calendar.

20. Something to scan photos with.

21. Dinosaur fossil.

And so there you have it. Christmas wish list 2008.


  1. Julie, I hope you got some things on your list. And speaking of GRR Martin, did you know that HBO is going to do a series based on his novels? One season per novel, Game of Thrones up first. Not sure when it’s going to happen, but maybe next fall. I’m also not sure whether they’re going to ruin the story. You never know.

  2. Julie,

    While it’s purely Irish, Gaelic Storm ranks as one of my favorite groups.

    I highly recommend “Herding Cats”. Fitting, I think. (g)

    Beth: Really? I HAVE to get HBO. Monday. Definitely.

  3. “Julie, I hope you got some things on your list. And speaking of GRR Martin, did you know that HBO is going to do a series based on his novels?”

    Oh, my stars. I will have to get cable now and figure out how to record things while I’m at work.

    It seems like it would be hard to screw up such a rich story, but you never know.

    As for the Christmas list, I got the flavored tea almost by accident. I stopped by Walgreen’s Christmas day to get my prescriptions and some milk. It was packed so I browsed around the clearance aisle and found some Celestial Seasonings candy cane tea, which I love and it was on sale.

    I won two Amazon gift certificates from some writing contests and a dear friend sent me another one, so I am picking out the books now and will add some music to it.

    I was going to pool them and try to get a camera for Katie, but I’m going to be selfish and I will get her a camera next payday.

    I did find a baby spoon on Ebay for $1.00 and bought it.

    The library has some books on sale so that will help with the Books for Soldiers.

    I debated on the cat as I really want to go to Iraq or Afghanistan, but those options seem to be remote.

    I stopped by the animal shelter today and a big gray and white cat came up to me and kept sticking his paw up to me. I was trying to look in the cage at him and he stuck his nose up to mine and licked my nose. Seemed like a sign to me.

    Then there was a half grown black cat who was a little shy, but something told me he needed love. Then there was the gray and white female who kept trying to stick her paw out at me.

    The two gray and white cats were both older do they might not get adopted easily.

    If I commit, it is for the long haul and there will be no Iraq for me even if I could get a job.

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