Chain Cow’s Adventure with the Soldiers

I wanted to send Chain Cow with Will on drill for one last adventure. Unfortunately, he is the armor so he was doing things like inventory and checking weapons, while other people were practicing. He got about six hours sleep in three days. However, here are some pictures of the unit and two of Chain Cow traveling to Brownwood.

This has been a fun excursion for all of us and I appreciate the friends and writers who have participated in her adventures.

Will smiling. He always smiles. Well, he usually smiles. Until he does the three day thing with no sleep.

Chain Cow flirting with Sgt. Jeffy. No, no, Chain Cow. He’s married.

Chain Cow got to ride right up front where she could see all the, uh, lovely scenery. However, note there is no snow. It’s a plus when she thinks about visiting Kari again.

This picture belonged with the Buffalo Wallow post and I forgot it. It was too sweet not to include. This beautiful little girl and her family were feeding the ducks and she wanted to hug Chain Cow. I got her parents’ permission to post this picture. Isn’t she a little doll?

Logan trying to teach Chain Cow to “bump” it. Chain Cow didn’t quite get the hang of it, but being upside down might have had something to do with it.

She’s sort of getting it, but it’s not quite there.

See, Chain Cow, this is how you bump it.

 We will miss you, but there are lots more exciting adventures for you, and we hope you make lots more friends.


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