Chain Cow in Texas

Chain Cow has been making the rounds.

She arrived here about a week ago and I have been too lazy to post about it. Mea culpa.

Will and Little Man are going with me to Buffalo Wallow tomorrow if it’s nice to feed ducks. Will said he would walk around the wallow and take pictures of CC with the various statues.

It was cold when CC arrived and she was exhausted. She just kind of collapsed in the middle of the chess set.

I felt sorry for her so I set her up on the salt lamp to warm her butt and udder things. Sorry.

stuffed cow sitting on a lamp

We stopped by to visit the painted horses the next day. I wish we had them all over Odessa, but sadly, there are only two. I was surprised one of the horses doesn’t have the Scharbaeur Figure Five brand on its jaw. They have had some AQHA remuda awards, I think. They own the Horse Camp ranch Elmer Kelton was born on, as well as several other ranches. They also own some race horses. Alysheba is their most famous, probably, but they’re better known for their Quarters. The Rafter B brand is most likely from the Santa Gertrudis ranch here. They have several ranches, but one is on Odessa. You have to register brands in each county you use it here.

Notice the OHS? Yeah, Odessa is the infamous home of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Mojo is on the other horse.

Odessa College has produced a lot of champion bullriders, including the Carrillo brothers, Ty Murray, Jim Sharp etc.

We don’t have a lot of painted horses, but we do have jackrabbits. Odessa is the home of the world’s biggest jackrabbit supposedly. I’ll take their word for it. One mayorial candidate ran on the platform of building a huge jackrabbit. If we are going to be known for them, let’’ make a huge one and make all kinds of news. Fortunately, he did very poorly in the race. I do like Peter and he was very kind to donate lots of inspirational material to the prison ministry, but we don’t need a twenty-foot jackrabbit.

In lieu of a huge rabbit, we have one about six feet tall with a medal on his neck.

And, rabbits being rabbits, he multiplied. I’m not sure who Mrs. Rabbit is, but rabbits started appearing everywhere. Very colorful rabbits. CC wants to go visit all of them and we will try.

In the meantime, here she is with one.

I don’t think we’ll make it out to Horse Camp Ranch where Elmer Kelton was born, but we’ll find some other fun things to do.

Chain Cow got to meet Little Man and Will.

 Little Man was sad when he had to leave Chain Cow behind.

I made the mistake of taking Chain Cow to Hobby Lobby with me. I was looking for a working surface to use while I lounge around in the recliner on heating pads like a lizard. Chain Cow saw a truck just her size and decided she wanted to be a bull hauler. I told her no self-respecting bull would ride in the back of that truck so she gave up.

 Then she found a bench just her size, but I told her I didn’t have any place to put it. Poor Chain Cow.

 She made friends with Francisco my therapist.

I thought she was over the disappointment with the bench and the truck, but apparently not. As soon as Francisco left, she hopped over to the TENS unit and threatened to crank up the juice. It was only by sheer panic and lots of bribes was I saved from being fried like a flounder.

 We left therapy and found a pan for Chase Bank, but no one was playing music for donations. Things are worse at Chase than we thought. They can’t even afford a street musician for their panhandling. It was sad. We’re going to bring some change next time to help bail Chase out, but I think they really would do better if they had a musician.


  1. OMG Funny. Love the TENS threat. Chain Cow can be a little “bossy” BRAWAHAAHAHAHA

    Beth – CC did start in Ireland, then Wyoming, Montana, Florida, Alabama and then Texas.

    Where to next Julie?

  2. Oh, that’s awesome! I loved the pictures, Julie.

    I never heard of Chain Cow, but I don’t think I’ll try to get in on this one – Cows don’t have a great track record here in Chicago…

    One dark night,
    While the people were in bed
    Ms. O’Leary
    Put a candle in the shed
    The cow Kicked it over
    Winked his eye and said
    It’ll be a hot time
    In the old town

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