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Blood Money

It’s a little after 1:00 pm. I just got up two hours ago and will be leaving for work in thirty minutes. Messed with the printer until 5:30 this morning and it’s still printing a bit of text in the

Surrey Rant

The secret of training horses or dogs or anything, I suppose, is to always end on a high note. If the horse is getting cranky, you have to retreat to a place they feel comfortable and let them finish the

The Surrey Staff

In one of the last posts about Surrey, I wanted to talk about the Surrey staff. These tireless men and woman are all volunteers, some of whom work year-round on this conference.Without fail, they were pleased to answer any questions.

The Surrey Sheraton

Just got in from work and am savoring a lukewarm cup of this morning’s coffee. I need to finish revisions on chapter thirty while my mind is half way alert. Since I have a hair appointment at 10:00, I probably

Diana Gabaldon at Surrey

If you are sensitive or politically correct, read no further. I’m neither sensitive nor politically correct. I have a horribly warped sense of humor. I’m not mean to people, but I do find the humor in most situations. I alluded

Surrey Saturday Morning

Surrey Saturday Morning. You thought I forgot where I was, didn’t you? I scarfed down my Frosted Flakes (thank you Lisa for the variety pack) and we zoomed down to the café to meet the gals. Well, I did. Lisa

Mandarin and Mint Undies

Mandarin and mint-scented undies. Mmmmmm. Yes, this has to do with Surrey. I’m sort of a freak about organizing things for a trip. This is rather odd considering in my youth I always carried extra clothes in my outfit in

Surrey, Stan Wakefield and Jacqueline Winspear

Yes, I promise I will get back to important things about the Surrey conference, but I am still meandering. Being a conference neophyte I imagined agents and editors ducking around back stairways and using secret elevators to avoid the stampeding

Gift of the Tsunami

I have been faunching at the bit (yes, faunching is a word.) to share a bit more about Surrey. Of course, I just got off work from a twelve-hour shift so my brain isn’t real clear, but I am too

SIWC Friday Afternoon

I will probably move my letters about Will to Letters On The Wind soon. Until then, here is a brief update. He is in Kuwait. He called me last Sunday from Maine. They were waiting on their flight to Germany.