Blood Money

It’s a little after 1:00 pm. I just got up two hours ago and will be leaving for work in thirty minutes. Messed with the printer until 5:30 this morning and it’s still printing a bit of text in the corner the size of a postage stamp. I’ve tried reading it with a magnifying glass […]

Surrey Rant

The secret of training horses or dogs or anything, I suppose, is to always end on a high note. If the horse is getting cranky, you have to retreat to a place they feel comfortable and let them finish the exercise correctly. Then you heap on the praise. The theory is they remember the training […]

The Surrey Staff

In one of the last posts about Surrey, I wanted to talk about the Surrey staff. These tireless men and woman are all volunteers, some of whom work year-round on this conference.Without fail, they were pleased to answer any questions. They were friendly and many times stopped and asked if the conference was going well. […]

The Surrey Sheraton

Just got in from work and am savoring a lukewarm cup of this morning’s coffee. I need to finish revisions on chapter thirty while my mind is half way alert. Since I have a hair appointment at 10:00, I probably shouldn’t stay up until 5 or 6 like I normally do. Just when you thought […]

Diana Gabaldon at Surrey

If you are sensitive or politically correct, read no further. I’m neither sensitive nor politically correct. I have a horribly warped sense of humor. I’m not mean to people, but I do find the humor in most situations. I alluded to this in the Elves Between My Knees story. There’s a reason Beth hauled me […]

Surrey Saturday Morning

Surrey Saturday Morning. You thought I forgot where I was, didn’t you? I scarfed down my Frosted Flakes (thank you Lisa for the variety pack) and we zoomed down to the café to meet the gals. Well, I did. Lisa had to be at her table bright and early so she took her protein bars […]

Mandarin and Mint Undies

Mandarin and mint-scented undies. Mmmmmm. Yes, this has to do with Surrey. I’m sort of a freak about organizing things for a trip. This is rather odd considering in my youth I always carried extra clothes in my outfit in case someone mentioned going somewhere that sounded fun. Then there were the beer runs to […]

Surrey, Stan Wakefield and Jacqueline Winspear

Yes, I promise I will get back to important things about the Surrey conference, but I am still meandering. Being a conference neophyte I imagined agents and editors ducking around back stairways and using secret elevators to avoid the stampeding would-be authors. I loved the Surrey elevators. Of course, I have a long history with […]

Gift of the Tsunami

I have been faunching at the bit (yes, faunching is a word.) to share a bit more about Surrey. Of course, I just got off work from a twelve-hour shift so my brain isn’t real clear, but I am too excited to have a computer back, sort of, not to write. I have gotten things […]

SIWC Friday Afternoon

I will probably move my letters about Will to Letters On The Wind soon. Until then, here is a brief update. He is in Kuwait. He called me last Sunday from Maine. They were waiting on their flight to Germany. From Germany, they went to Kuwait and will be there ten days before going to […]