Opium Beds and Butterflies

In an interview with On The Road, Diana Gabaldon touches on “kernels” in writing. This is where you have some little bit of something that triggers and image or thought in your writing and you build a scene around it. Listen to the interview, it’s well worth it. I’ve run into several of those while […]

Flashbacks Vs. Backstory

At Books and Writers, this month’s writing exercises was flashbacks and backstory. I had a bit from The Rain Crow, my new novel under construction, that was backstory and I decided to make it more immediate by switching to a flashback. This is first draft stuff, so there are still places that need to be […]

Abbeville and Editing the Classics

If you all haven’t met Abbeville, then it’s time to get acquainted. Not only do they publish some gorgeous books, they also regularly take on Big Orange with the style and vigor of a banty rooster. Lawsy, I love someone with a little grit in their craw. A little while ago, someone suggested to them […]

It’s Hard To Be Humble

It’s Hard To Be Humble-Mac Davis I’ve learned a lot about myself in the recent edit frenzy. Some parts of Paladin are pretty good. Some parts aren’t. Some parts are pure drivel wrapped around the bones of what could be good. I’ve known all along a famous military commander is the pirate’s father and why […]

Writing Wrong

John asked me the other day how I write. My first reaction was to respond, “Badly?” I refrained since even I know it is just challenging, not bad. I hope. Being a working woman, I have other obligations even though I would dearly love to do nothing but write. So, here is a normal day. […]