Martha and Tilley at Moonrat’s Party

In case you missed it, Moonrat is having a party. Stop by and say hi to her. Martha peered in the screen door at her friend, who was hunched over with her head on the kitchen table. She better not be dead. “Tilley, what are you doing?” Tilley lifted her head and went to open […]

Martha and Tilley at Miss Snark’s Party

Martha and Tilley walked into the banquet room and looked around. A blonde woman with a clipboard bustled about the room in a state of panic. She looked up at them and smiled, but it melted quickly, when she assessed them. “John,” she snapped her fingers at a walking acne treatment, “these ladies are lost. […]

Martha and Tilley at EE’s Party-Part 2

Martha glanced back at the throne area. The woman with the biggest ostrich feather fan was clubbing the other fan bearer. She swung around, ducked a fan to the head and crouched down. ROBIN in big white letters was emblazoned across her purple silk-clad butt. “Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” Martha said. […]

Martha and Tilly at Evil Editor’s Party

Evil Editor can be a little intimidating at first glance. Well, at second glance also. However, his blog is a pure joy and oddly enough, people get genuine help there, but he will deny that. There is an image to uphold and all. Even so, I would love to pinch his little mutton-chopped cheeks and […]

Think Green

And now, because too much sappy sentiment isn’t good for you, a double dose of the adventures of Martha and Tilley. Decfun/Green exerciseCopyright 2001 Julie Weathers All rights reservedWarning Martha and Tilly are browsing through Victoria’s Secrets again. Think Green Martha and Tilley stared at the notice on the bulletin board. The Old Gray Meres […]

Mermaids and Candles

DecFun2-WK3-JWMermaids and CandlesBy Julie WeathersCopyright 2000 All rights reserved. Mermaids and Candles Martha peered down her nose through her trifocals at the catalogue on the table. Tilly was rummaging through her purse, looking for her magnifying glass. “The Sensual Senior…” the senior center activities director droned on as Martha and Tilly passed the recovered magnifying […]