Chain Cow’s Adventure with the Soldiers

I wanted to send Chain Cow with Will on drill for one last adventure. Unfortunately, he is the armor so he was doing things like inventory and checking weapons, while other people were practicing. He got about six hours sleep in three days. However, here are some pictures of the unit and two of Chain […]

Chain Cow Goes Wabbit Hunting. Be vewy quiet.

Chain Cow had so much to see and do, but I was a little under the weather, so we didn’t get to do a lot of things we planned. However, we did go rabbit hunting. Be vewy quiet, we’re hunting wabbits. Odessa, among other things, is known for its rabbit. Giant jack rabbits are everywhere.  […]

Chain Cow Goes to Buffalo Wallow

Chain Cow was traumatized by the whole branding thing and ran away. On the ranch, it’s fairly easy to track a cow, unless she’s traveling on rock or through some thick brush. A tiny cow in an apartment crammed with all manner of useless stuff is a different matter entirely. I baited the trap and […]

Chain Cow Becomes Chain Chicken

 Once we went through getting sleeping arrangements made and tried on hats, Chain Cow started looking around the apartment. I should have taken down the cow skull while she was visiting, but I forgot. MOM! Is that you? To make things worse, I had beef fajitas for lunch. I tried to convince her they were […]

Beds and Hats

Chain Cow came to Texas on a dark and stormy night. Well, she probably got her when it was bright and sunny, but it was dark and stormy when I picked her freezing little body out of the mailbox. She warmed up and slept all cuddled up on the microwavable bag, which was nice and […]

Chain Call Falls in Love

I’m behind on the Chain Cow adventures for a multitude of reasons, but I want to get caught up this weekend. Will took her to drill this weekend, so I hope we will have some pictures of Chain Cow frolicking with soldiers. Then it is off to Keri Monday for another adventure. The timeline on […]

The Origin of Chain Cow

In case y’all are wondering where Chain Cow came from, here is her story. Please go to these sites and read her whole story. It’s worth the read. Susan in Ireland Carol in Wyoming Kari in Montana Cyndi in Florida Crystal in Alabama

Chain Cow in Texas

Chain Cow has been making the rounds. She arrived here about a week ago and I have been too lazy to post about it. Mea culpa. Will and Little Man are going with me to Buffalo Wallow tomorrow if it’s nice to feed ducks. Will said he would walk around the wallow and take pictures […]