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A Meandering Mini Rant About Queries

As many of you may have noticed, I didn’t finish the A-Z challenge. I’m going to finish the topics I had chosen, but there may be some pauses along the way, such as today. My next post will be on

Janet Reid

I don’t normally blog about agents, editors, and querying, but it’s the end of the year and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Janet Reid recently urged writers to clean up their web presence, fix broken links on their

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Agents Don’t Care About Your Longhorn Skull

Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls often travel in packs to cut expenses and share the driving duties. Theoretically, they can drive pretty much non-stop aside from pee breaks, fueling and eating, which are often combined. Hauling horses makes it a little

I Am Not A Special Little Snowflake

Yet another rant. Oh, yes, you thought I was done being a pain, didn’t you? I’m not the champion of agents everywhere. Some of them I admire greatly. Some I find interesting even if they have absolutely no interest in

Query Letter Secrets

I once made a comment on Books and Writers about the chances of actually being published given the amount of talent out there. One of the mods responded, “What you see here is not what normally crosses an agent’s desk.

When An Agent Believes

Rachelle Gardner posted an interesting email and her response on her blog today. In essence, a reader upbraided her for stating she is a Christian agent who works for a Christian literary agency. I have in the past tried to

Rejection Letters I Have Known

It’s 5:30 in the morning. I haven’t been to bed yet and I really am tired. However, I also feel very satisfied because chapter forty-six is done. It needs to be cleaned up and begin the revision process all over,


I blogged about agents and horse sales a while ago and it got me to thinking about horses that have been special to me. I’ve owned a lot of horses through the years, but there are some who have touched

My Horse Has To Work For A Living

Years ago, our Quarter Horse and stock show was one of the big stops on the show circuits. Many world champion horses won classes here. These are no longer the glory days, but we still have a sanctioned horse show

Culling the Herd or How I Got an Agent

I was thinking last night while trying to go to sleep. Both knee and back are screwed up so there is lots of time to think since I can‘t sleep. Last night I thought about agents. It was a strange