But It’s A BMW

There’s an old saying; no matter how bad you have it you can always look around and find someone in worse condition.

Will was out working on his car, when he noticed a man pushing his car down the parking lot of the apartments. The man was at the door pushing it and when it got going a certain amount he would jump in it. He didn’t pay too much attention to him the first time, but when he pushed it back and started it again, it caught Will’s attention.

The guy got it going pretty good, jumped in and tried to start it, but it didn’t catch. He got out, backed it up again and repeated. This time it sputtered to life, but just about the time it did he hit the speed bump. It teetered at the top, rolled backwards and died.

Will said he thought he was having a sucky day until he saw that so he put up his tools and walked over to ask the guy if he could help.

“I just need to get it going enough to get it started.”

They repeated the process, hit the speed bump and it died again.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to get a starter?”

The guy nodded. “Yeah, but it’s an old BMW and parts are hard to find. If you can, I can’t afford them.”

“So you just push start this thing every time you go somewhere?”

“Pretty much.”

Will thought, “yeah, it could be worse,” and felt a little better about his Escort.

They decided to get it over the speed bump and try on the other side, though they weren’t sure they had enough room before they hit the street.

Eventually, they got it started and they guy thanked him and puttered off.

Then he went back to work on his Escort. One of the bolts holding he alternator bracket took part of the block with it when it came loose. Brandon came over to help and they finally had to get out the torch and heat things up to get some stuff loose. He drilled out some holes where the bolts had twisted off and broke. Then he drilled bigger holes, put in spacers and rethreaded them. Eventually, they got it put back together enough he could get to the parts store and get a new belt.

He hated to call Brandon, but in this case he wouldn’t have been able to do it himself.

After they got it fixed, I stopped by and was going to wash a couple of loads of towels at Will’s apartment. Will and Brandon were still standing around talking and Brandon said, “My stupid brother.”

“Which brother?” I asked.

“How many stupid brothers do I have?”

“Well, it depends on what’s happening, but usually Cody gets the stupid brother award.”

Will started laughing. He knew what was coming.

“Shut up, Will.” Brandon turned to me. “He’s naming his kid Stormy.”

“Yeah, I heard that.”

“Brandon and Laura were going to name theirs Stormy.”

“Oh, cool,” I said.

Brandon glared. “No, it isn’t. We can’t use the name now.”

“How often will you all be around each other?”

“That’s not the point. I’m not taking any chances people mix the girls up. That moron has come up with one good idea in his entire life and this has to be the one.”

I suggest some other names. “Nope, not naming her Dusty or Windy. I even have a bucking horse named Stormy Weather.”

“You’re naming your daughter after one of your bucking horses?”

“No, Stormy had that name when I bought her and I just thought it was cool. So, Laura and I were going to name the baby Stormy.”

“I still think you should name her Stormy if that’s what you want.”

“Nope. I have thought about catching him in a bind for money and offering him $500 for the name. He’d probably take the money and name the baby that anyway. Then I’d have to hurt him.”

“I’m sure your daughter would be impressed, when she found out you bought her name.”

“Moron. I ought to go beat him just for general principle.”

And so it goes in the Weathers family.

I will think of something profound to write at the Laundromat to kick off the New Year, but I needed to waste some time and wake up first.

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