Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

Back to whining.

Lost the last chapter of Paladin. No, I have no idea where it is. I am re-writing.

Apparently hard drive and graphics card are going out of computer. I am sending it to a friend next week so he can rebuild it. He’s using used parts so it will be affordable.

I had boxes of books and magazines lined up against the wall in the dining area, which is actually where I have my desk. I noticed some staining and discovered the boxes and books had wicked up water from the carpet. There is mold coming up the baseboards. There is no leak in the adjoining apartments so the guess is there is a slab leak. If that is true, I have to move. No one has any idea how much junk I have crammed in this apartment except my youngest son and his girlfriend, since they helped me move.

The manager, Perky Patty, tried to sell me on the idea of how exciting it will be to have a new apartment. It was like listening to a former cheerleader, who is now homeless, telling her kids how great it will be to camp out under the bridge every night.

I had already planned on moving into Will’s apartment the end of July, so I am looking at two moves in two months. Yay!

On the plus side, Albertsons had over ripe bananas on sale so I will make up several loaves of banana bread.

On the minus side, I am on a diet so I won’t be eating it.

On a totally good note, I guess this sounds egotistical, but I really do like Paladin. I’ve written some things I hate, but this one is gelling nicely. The plot seems solid and I like the characters. Granted it needs a lot of fine-tuning and polishing, but I think the bones are there. I will ram it through Barbara’s workshop and then take it through the Writer’s workshop. Then, Miss Kiersten gets to put the pen to it.

If I don’t have an agent for it by March I will shelve it and paint ceramics for a while. I need to do that anyway. I want to have Will’s chess set done by the time he deploys.


  1. Thank you, Tony. Everything always works out, so not going to stress about it. If I have to move I have to move, but it will be better than this musty smell.

    Yes, I like the story. I guess every writer likes their stories or they wouldn’t write them, but I tend to think much of what I write is trash.

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