Hour Of The Assassin by Matthew Quirk-Book Review by Joseph Snoe

I really liked Matthew Quirk’s thriller, HOUR OF THE ASSASSIN.

The basic plot:  Nick Averose, a former Secret Service agent now in his own business as a security consultant, is hired to test the security of the house belonging to a former CIA director.  He breaks through the defenses. Unfortunately, while he is chit-chatting with the former director about it, some bad guys descend on them and murder the former director. The bad guys have implemented a complex scheme to blame the assassination on Nick Averose. Part of the scheme is to leave Nick dead at the scene.  Nick escapes. The rest of the book is Nick trying to find out who is behind all this while the bad guys try to find and kill him.

Nick Averose faintly reminds me of James Bond, assuming Bond was a happily married, monogamous husband who left Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service to open his own security consulting firm. “My name is Averose. Nick Averose.”

There’s no fancy prose or philosophical insights, just a fast-paced, tightly-scripted story. It’s easy to keep the characters straight, and the novel has a rational conclusion. There are times I need a book like this. This happened to be the time.

My rating: 4 stars

P.S. Special thanks to the good people at William Morrow (an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers. I won the book as a Goodreads Giveaway in November. I realized in June had not received it. I contacted them, expecting I had waited too long to inquire about it. But they had me a copy within the week


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