Blood Money

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It’s a little after 1:00 pm. I just got up two hours ago and will be leaving for work in thirty minutes.

Messed with the printer until 5:30 this morning and it’s still printing a bit of text in the corner the size of a postage stamp. I’ve tried reading it with a magnifying glass and it isn’t even what I asked it to print. I think the printer may be possessed. I would sprinkle it with anointing oil, but not sure that would help. Well it might cure the squeak, but I doubt it would print bigger and not in tongues.

I’ve decided I am going to Surrey this year on “found” money. That means money I haven’t borrowed or earned through regular income.

What is the definition of found money? For instance, can I set aside a portion of my overtime pay?

Possible options:

1. Sell blood. Drawbacks, it’s really hard to catch a vein with me so it usually involves more than one try.
2. Ebay unwanted items. I’m a pack rat, what constitutes unwanted?
3. Sell baked goods.
4. Sell freelance writing. Harder than hitting the vein and just as painful.
5. Garage sale. Don’t have a garage and don’t have much I want to part with.

I’m setting my goal fund at $3,000. It won’t cost nearly that much, but I’m going to shoot for that to allow for wardrobe and miscellaneous.

So, what creative money making ideas can you think of?

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  1. laughingwolf

    julie, i have a new online friend, athlyn, who has some links to online money making resources on her sites [she has 8 blogs, some make $$$]

    see my pals+ sidebar

    i’ll be examining them as well

  2. Julie Weathers

    Oh, heavens. I would lose my mind with 8 blogs. I’m going to check it out, though.

  3. Tara Parker

    Well, if Martha and Tilley were here, what would THEY suggest?

    BTW, how are they doing?? (g)

    Computer should be arriving today…

  4. Julie Weathers

    Oh, heavens. Martha and Tilley would be scouring Victoria’s Secrets for costumes and embarking on an adventure.

    Oh, I still owe you all a blog.

    I am so looking forward to a computer with Word!


    Who knows, maybe I can sell some short stories with them.



  5. Tara Parker

    I’m wondering why Martha and Tilley didn’t make an appearance in the bar at Surrey…(g)

  6. laughingwolf

    she’s from the bc interior, now living in nova scotia with her daughter… i like similar stuff to what she posts about

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