Blood Money

It’s a little after 1:00 pm. I just got up two hours ago and will be leaving for work in thirty minutes.

Messed with the printer until 5:30 this morning and it’s still printing a bit of text in the corner the size of a postage stamp. I’ve tried reading it with a magnifying glass and it isn’t even what I asked it to print. I think the printer may be possessed. I would sprinkle it with anointing oil, but not sure that would help. Well it might cure the squeak, but I doubt it would print bigger and not in tongues.

I’ve decided I am going to Surrey this year on “found” money. That means money I haven’t borrowed or earned through regular income.

What is the definition of found money? For instance, can I set aside a portion of my overtime pay?

Possible options:

1. Sell blood. Drawbacks, it’s really hard to catch a vein with me so it usually involves more than one try.
2. Ebay unwanted items. I’m a pack rat, what constitutes unwanted?
3. Sell baked goods.
4. Sell freelance writing. Harder than hitting the vein and just as painful.
5. Garage sale. Don’t have a garage and don’t have much I want to part with.

I’m setting my goal fund at $3,000. It won’t cost nearly that much, but I’m going to shoot for that to allow for wardrobe and miscellaneous.

So, what creative money making ideas can you think of?


  1. julie, i have a new online friend, athlyn, who has some links to online money making resources on her sites [she has 8 blogs, some make $$$]

    see my pals+ sidebar

    i’ll be examining them as well

  2. Oh, heavens. Martha and Tilley would be scouring Victoria’s Secrets for costumes and embarking on an adventure.

    Oh, I still owe you all a blog.

    I am so looking forward to a computer with Word!


    Who knows, maybe I can sell some short stories with them.



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