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This time we swapped out stories and I do apologize to Blogless who authored this fun piece. It’s supposed to be coastline not cloastline and a few other gaffs. Even so I hope you enjoy his story. I loved reading it.

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  1. Everything about this is surreal.

    I’m picturing your ice sculpture roaring towards the sun on the crest of an impossible Florida rollercoaster — a very interesting combination.

  2. I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I have to confess I am going to try and coerce Blogless into sending me the rest of the chapter. I have to find out what happens to Tuffy.

    Accent? What accent? Is my recorder thing not working right?

    You all are so kind. Thank you.

  3. I used to have some tapes of Ellen Gilchrist reading from her work. You could give her a run for Most Haunting Reading of a Fictional Work. This is two examples so far; if you’re serious about looking for an alternate line of work to support the writing, you might look into voice-performance work (voiceovers, audio tapes/CDs, and such).

    Troll’s piece was wonderful, and he made an excellent choice in convincing you to read it. (And he did a darned nice job with yours, too.) Maybe the two of you have started The Next Big Internet Thing: writers reading other writers.

  4. Hey Julie-

    I was able to hear this time. Wonderful stuff, girl! And wonderful stuff, BT.

    Hey jes, Hope you’re running around listening to everyone – it’s fun!

  5. Blogless – I loved this so much. i am totally intrigued as to why there are robotic birds patrolling the theme-parks of Florida. And as for Tuffy – I adore anyone/thing who thinks that you go invisible by standing very still. I see great wisdom in this theory!

    Julie – I echo everyone in saying that your accent is wonderfully intoxicating. Bt’s words and your voice are a perfect combo!

  6. John, wouldn’t that be funny? Me applying to read things. Yes, that would be an adventure in itself.

    You are such a sweetie.

    Rob actually started the reading thing. She prodded a group of us into reading and now it’s become a tradition of sorts I guess. I think most of the people commenting here have pieces up aside from you, Tony and Janey. Perhaps it’s time to get you all involved also?

    *nudge nudge*

    Didn’t Blogless do a great job? I told him to pick out what he wanted to read and cut it off where it seemed appropriate. He soldiered through the whole thing.

  7. Go listen Miss K and Natalie’s readings.

    Paca’s was mind boggling. Whirl, well all of them were so much fun.

    Miss K, you are so kind, as usual.

    Janey, we expect you to hop in next time.

  8. Rob actually started the reading thing… I think most of the people commenting here have pieces up aside from you, Tony and Janey. Perhaps it’s time to get you all involved also?

    *nudge nudge*

    I’m not saying I will and I’m not saying I won’t allow myself to be nudged. (I’ve given public readings of my work before. Opinions varied, but my general sense was that my reading voice is capable, at 100 paces, of lowering the heartbeat of a hummingbird to the comatose level.)

    BUT suppose, just for the sake of argument, I wanted to try something along these lines. You mention Rob, by which I assume you mean “Robin S.” But when I follow Robin’s link to the corresponding Blogger profile, I can’t find a Web site. Is there some… some central directory of these readings?

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